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Stylish, highly ventilated and comfortable, the Radial is an ideal pack for an active commute. The AirSpeed™ ventilated trampoline suspended mesh backsystem will keep you cool while on the move and the integrated Kickstand will keep your pack upright and easy to access.

Weight: 1.5KG

Maxdimension (cm) 52L / 35W / 30D

Material 210D Nylon Dobby

Justerbar AirSpeed™ ryggpanel med elastiskt nät
Fäste för cykellampa
LidLock™-fäste för hjälm
Intern dragkedjeförsedd skosektion
Vadderad dragkedja för laptop eller surfplatta
Stretchfickor på sidorna
Dragkedjeförsedd ficka med repfritt foder för solglasögon och elektronik
Organiserad vardag. Den eleganta ryggsäcken Radials goda ventilering och komfort gör den idealisk för aktiv pendling. AirSpeed™-systemet, med en upphängd ryggpanel i mesh, skapar ett luftflöde mellan din rygg och ryggsäcken, och håller dig sval medan du är i rörelse. Det integrerade Kickstand-systemet håller din ryggsäck på rätt köl och gör det lätt att komma åt saker. De dagar du behöver ha mycket saker med dig kan ryggsäcken göras större tack vare expansionssystemet med blixtlås. Det betyder att din ryggsäck kan gå från att rymma 26 liter till 34 liter på ett ögonblick. Ska du inte ha så mycket med dig? Inga problem, stuva in expansionssystemet med hjälp av blixtlåset och cykla iväg. Det finns också en mängd funktioner för ordning och reda; med LidLock™-hjälmfästet kan du förvara hjälmen på utsidan av ryggsäcken. Det vadderade fodralet för laptop och surfplatta skyddar din tekniska utrustning, och det integrerade, väl synliga regnskyddet kan vecklas ut när vädret snabbt ändras.

Weight: 1.5 kg

Dimensions (CM): 52L / 35W / 30D

Fabric: 210D Nylon Dobby

Volume: 34L

Litre: 34L


  • Integrerat och löstagbart regnskydd
  • Dragkedjeförsett stuvfack
  • Invändig säkerhetsklämma för nycklar
  • Stretchficka på framsidan
  • Bröstrem med visselpipa
  • Löstagbart näthöftbälte
  • Framficka för organisation
  • Integrerat stöd håller ryggsäcken på rätt köl och gör innehållet lättillgänglig
  • Dragkedjeförsedd expansion lägger till ytterligare 8L 
  • Justerbar AirSpeed™ ryggpanel med elastiskt nät
  • Fäste för cykellampa
  • LidLock™-fäste för hjälm
  • Intern dragkedjeförsedd skosektion
  • Vadderad dragkedja för laptop eller surfplatta
  • Stretchfickor på sidorna
  • Dragkedjeförsedd ficka med repfritt foder för solglasögon och elektronik

Vanliga frågor

What is the inside lining colour of the black bag?

The main colour on the inside of this pack is a dark grey, with internal pockets that are black. 

Hi I was wondering what size laptop this could fit or even better what the dimensions of the laptop compartment are? Thanks

The largest size laptop that we recommend is 15.6" however depending on the size of your device a larger laptop could fit.

The dimensions of the laptop sleeve are as follows: 41 x 27.5 x 3.3 cm

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  1. Rating
    Seriously good Pack, now make it perfect Osprey!
    I simply love my Radial 32 (previous generation) and I use it (almost) every day for over 3 years now.

    What I love:
    - the kickstand feature: I can never go back to a pack without it!
    - The zippers: Perfect with the loops, also that it has 2 zippers per compartement
    - The laptop compartement: It is slightly above ground, so you don't have to worry that you smash your device when you are in a hurry
    - The size: I simply need a backpack bigger than 30L on a daily basis
    - The raincover: Seldomly used but much appreciated
    - The durability: Never had a bag that held up for so long.

    What I don't like:
    - only one pocket for bottles. Seriously, this is my biggest gripe with this pack. I NEVER use this little side pocket in it's place and a second, improved bottle holder (verticacl) would make this bag perfect for me. I use this bag for other sports than just cycling you know?

    Please Osprey (I beg you), keep the good and get rid of the bad. My current bag is slowly but surely coming to it's end and I want to stay a happy and returning customer.

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  2. Rating
    All in one - SPORT & BUSINESS backpack - LOVE IT
    I was looking for a backpack that can fit in all my sport gear a(BJJ GI etc..) and still look neutral for business usage

    What I like about Radial:
    1. STANDS ON ITS OWN - I can put it at desk, I can put on the floor in cafe, I can put it on floor in gyms changing room and it works great. Also, becuase of this special frame it reduces the heat on your back and makes thins easy to cary
    2.ADJUSTABLE VOLUME - it comes in handy to increase the volume, also when you don't need it... somethimes when you just unpack it it's comfortable to 'loosen it up'. One thing, it might not stang still when packed to full capacity, depends how you pack it.
    3. SHOES POCKET - I use it to separate dirty sportswear from other items as often I work out in morning and head to work...or other workout
    4. ADJUSTABLE FRAME - you can make it smaller, I am 159cm tall, and ability to make it smaller so it fits my back is priceless
    5. GOOD QUALITY - great zippers, nice matterial, solid handle on top (I tie there my boxing gloves)
    6. POTENTIAL TO HANG HELMET - I don't cycle really, but if I were, it's great to have this helmet attachement thingy.
    7. RAIN COVER - I carry 2 laptops in it often, and having this rain cover with me was a blessing. I was sure that my devices are safe.

    What could be better:
    1. WATER HOLDER - I'd preffer having 2 water pockets which are vertical, but that also not always needed and Radial is made for cyclists.
    2. THE LOOPS ON THE FRONT - would be awsome to have loops so there would be possibility to maybe put a thread there and attach a jacket, or hook up something. I train barefoot, so I carry thong slippers with me everywhere. Would be amazing if there was ability to attach them on the strap to the backpack, instead of putting them in.

    It is a great, durable backpack that does it all. It became everyday all ocasion bag now, no need to dwell over which backpack should I pack for tomorrow.

    Be aware that it was made for cyclists, so it's curvy inside. I don't mind it, but it feels different than your usual backpack.

    I train BJJ, and it holds all needed items (GI, rashquard,water, towel, washbag, tape bag, slippers) and if I fold things nicely I don't need to increase volume to fit it all. After training dirty GI can be separated from other items.

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  3. Rating
    I bought this for my son who had done all the research. It matches his needs perfecrtly and he's delighted with his Christmas present.

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  4. Rating
    I think it's a great bag for very specific users

    I looked for a bag to replace all my bags for a long time, and after many hesitations I went for the Radial. After 1 month, I am extremely happy with it. Here's my take on it.

    1/ the price : I believe that it has great value. A qualitative bag of this size with this amount of functions and details is, in my experience, always more expensive. Yes, it's a lot of money for a bag, but its versatility makes it up IMO.
    2/ the looks : I was looking for a go everywhere kind of look, from work, to weekends to hiking, and I feel it does that. It's Osprey, so I would say it's a sober look. You won't find Peak Design hype here, but I really like it so again, it's great for my use.
    3/ the versatility : this is the main reason why I chose the Radial. I can do (almost) everything with it. I live in Paris (France), I bike to work, I often go on weekends away of have to go to 1/2 days business trips. I pack lite when I go on a holiday. For all these situations, it works. I never ran out of space. I hate having to switch bags all the time, and the fact that I know that it will be the bag I use 99% of the time makes it a lot easier for me.
    4/ the compartments : this is the point that I feel could be updated : like it has been said before, the shoe compartment is placed oddly, making it a bit useless for shoes. I use it for dirty clothes or for bike tools. The front compartment is a bit useless because I can't seem to put anything in it besides a notepad and some pens. I feel it should be shaped differently.
    5/ comfort : the airspeed makes it very comfy, even though I do sweat after 20 minutes biking. A lot less than with my previous bag, but still... The bag feels lighter than it actually is.

    Overall, it checks all the boxes for me but I do think it's made for niche users. If you're looking for 1 bag to do all, it could work out for you if you don't mind having a bit of a big bag on a daily basis and the need to pack lite when you travel for more than 3 or 4 days.

    I give it 5 stars even though it is not perfect because I don't think I could have found a better bag for my needs.

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  5. Rating
    Used it every day for the past year
    (Review based on previous version?)

    I’ve used this pack every day for the past year and is lasting well with no signs of wear. I used it for walking most of the time and occasionally cycling. It has 2 non scratch fabric pockets to protect your phone. I am able to cram in many items easily. The main zip is very sturdy and big with the rest of the zips being of a more standard size. The included rain cover works effectively but is removed during the summer to save weight. It has lots of organisational features but could include a purpose bike pump holder which it lacks.

    Message for osprey: there is a mysterious zip without a pull on it, near the top of the pack, inside the pocket which is closest to your back - what is it for?

    Overall a great pack

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  6. Rating
    Nuovo modello
    Ho il vecchio modello con il quale mi trovo bene.
    In questo nuovo modello sono stati eliminati alcuni dettagli - come lo schienale giallo fluo, le scritte bianche sul dorso e l'attacco per il casco a vista - che lo rendono ancora più adatto ad un uso "urban". Peccato non aver aspettato....

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  7. Rating
    Good but not worth the price
    Ok don't get me wrong this is a great looking and well built bag and there seems to be a compartment for everything. My issue is with value for money as it doesn't seem to live up to the price. The bag is very similar to some of the other bags, in fact i think the design inside some of the other bags were nicer and were priced at £55 not £110.

    I think this bag is way overpriced, it's a great product but i think maybe aimed at people who have money to waste. When you compare this to other companies i would say it has a slight edge in design and look but at more than double the price of my last bag i can't help but think i have bought a designer bag.

    (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

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  8. Rating
    The best pack for bike commuting
    First of all: Please excuse my English, I am German :-)

    I'm 32 and in the warmer time (from roughly April to around October) I ride my road bike everyday to and from work - total 40 kms.
    As I am some sort of a "digital nomad" I carry around all my tech gear - laptop, tablet, smartphone, powerbank, a plethora of cables, headphones, external hard drive and so on.
    Also I carry a spare tube, bike tools and a lock.
    In addition I have to carry my normal clothes for the office (thankfully no suit). Something to eat and drink is also in the pack.
    You see: A lot to carry.

    Before I switched to the Radial 26 I used a Chrome bag. Stylish, yes - but uncomfortable when you ride with it fully packed.
    Something odd presses against your back, there is no padding whatsoever... It's just not comfortable. In addition it's just one giant "room" with a tiny zip-pocket on the front. No organisation possible.
    I searched long and hard for a backpack which fits my needs. Which is: A lot of space, internal organisation (!), durability.
    Enter the Radial 26.

    I have this backpack now for approximately 3 months and I am more than happy with it.
    The internal organisation is awesome - so many pockets to put stuff in. Everything has its place and I don't have to search for my gear.
    The laptop compartment is really nice. Sometimes I forget that I have a laptop in my pack and I place the pack pretty rude on the floor. The laptop is safe inside the Radial and doesn't take damage.
    What I really like: The kickstand. I remember when I was young I hated it that the backpacks fell over. Or you had to lean it against a wall/chair/table.
    Take off the Radial, place it on the ground and presto - it stands. Really nice feature.
    The raincover is also great. It's a matter of seconds to put it over the pack. Like... 10 seconds at the most.

    There is one thing I do not like: The position adjustment straps. The are made of elastic material and... I don't know. It gives the pack a little a wobbly feeling.

    Overall this is a fantastic pack and worth the money. Highly recommended!

    (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

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  9. Rating
    Ultimate bike pack
    Hallo, I'm from Denmark I ride my bike every day all year, rain or snow. My problem was I have tried many, no really a'lot of daypack's from 24L - 35L never finding the right one, until Radial 26 this is my ultimate choice when riding my bike every day. I spent a little time adjusting it to fit my back and riding style (really nice btw) and now I don't feel it on my back it just there.

    I really like all the rooms, it can stand up, side room for water bottle and the side pocket with the elastic for the key (I think) Thank you for making the ultimate bike pack.

    (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

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  10. Rating
    only for biking
    been using this bag for lil over a year now. it is a great bag overall but as soon as you use it while walking, the lower back of the bag would pull your shirt. you would need to constantly adjust the your shirt or else, your lower back would be exposed.seriously, every 15 steps or so. So annoying that I wish I could bike until I reach my seat at uni and transition from bike to seat without walking.

    (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

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