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First Class Hike.

Hike First Class with the Manta 34 hiking backpack. This highly ventilated pack is equipped with a trampoline sprung Airspeed™ backsystem that is perfect for keeping your back cool while still providing unparalleled weight distribution. Manta 34 also includes a Hydraulics™ LT 2.5L reservoir that will keep you hydrated while on the move.

Weight: 1.4KG

Mål (cm) 54L / 36W / 35D

Stoff 210D x 630D Nylon Dobby

1.5L Hydraulics™ LT-reservoar inkludert
Sidelommer i netting med tosidig tilgang
Front panel organiserings lomme
Kompresjonslommer foran i stretch
Kompresjons remer på side
Single isøks feste
Stow-on-the-Go™ stav feste
Hoftebeltelommer med doble glidelåser
Ripefri lomme for solbriller og elektronikk 
Få en førsteklasses turopplevelse med sekken Manta 34. Denne godt ventilerte sekken er utstyrt med et oppspent Airspeed™-ryggsystem som er perfekt for å holde deg tørr på ryggen samtidig som det gir suveren vektfordeling. Den kvinnetilpassede utformingen har spesialformet hoftebelte, passelig rygglengde og riktig hoftebeltevinkel som gir maksimal komfort med sekken på ryggen. Manta 34 har dessuten et 2,5-liters Hydraulics™ LT-drikkesystem som hjelper deg å opprettholde væskebalansen. Og hvis det begynner å øse ned, kan du beskytte sekken og utstyret ditt med Mantas integrerte regntrekk. I tillegg har Manta en rekke rganiseringsfunksjoner som stavfestet Stow-on-the-Go™, hoftebeltelommer med perfekt størrelse for tursnacks og elastiske nettinglommer foran og på sidene med nyttig oppbevaringsplass for en regnjakke eller ekstra drikke. Manta 34 er en fullt utstyrt tursekk om er beredt for lange dager i skog og mark.

Weight: 1.4 kg

Dimensions (CM): 54L / 36W / 35D

Fabric: 210D x 630D Nylon Dobby


  • Panel tilgang via glidelås
  • Intern nøkkelholder
  • Hoftebelte med dobbel glidelås tilgang
  • Kompresjons remer på side
  • Tilknytningspunkt for LED-lys
  • Die Cut EVA-sele
  • Kompatibelt med Hydraulics™ Reservoir drikkesystem og Hydraulics™ LT Reservoir drikkesystem
  • Magnetisk holder til biteventil
  • 1.5L Hydraulics™ LT-reservoar inkludert
  • Sidelommer i netting med tosidig tilgang
  • Front panel organiserings lomme
  • Kompresjonslommer foran i stretch
  • Kompresjons remer på side
  • Single isøks feste
  • Stow-on-the-Go™ stav feste
  • Hoftebeltelommer med doble glidelåser
  • Ripefri lomme for solbriller og elektronikk 

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  1. Rating
    Triple A gear and good zippers.
    Hi, I went on a holiday to Colombia and I planned a 4-5 day hiking trip to Ciudad Perdida (the lost city). So I need a backpack with a volume around 30L, the size fit for handluggage and I like my back cool.
    Osprey has a lot to offer, but if you add these 3 components, its a hard bargain. For instance, KLM guidelines fore handlugage size are 55(l)-35(w)-25(d) in cm, the most important one is length (because the handluggage space above the seats have a fixed depht, a little bit wider or higher can be fixed, except in small planes where you have to put it under a seat, in this case width and hight become also important), so a hikingbag within the volume range off 30L, adjustable airspeed backsystheem, fit for easy flight, 90% off the options expires.
    Except the Manta 34 
    At first I didn’t opt for 2.5L hydraulics systhem, but I did the track, got hit by a mule and the hydraulics are cool. It works excellent. It’s a great hikingbag. You can pack a lot off stuff and it carries excellent, the weight distribution is high end, the airspeed backsysthem works, good quality triple A gear and good zippers by the way.
    So I am a happy customer. I will probably also buy the 24, because the manta 34 is a little bit to big in terms off city use and there so much space, I took to much stuff with me for the hiking trip and in the end, it comes all down to weight, so next time I will try the 24L as maximum volume.
    Little personal minors.
    I am 1.83m, in combination with the length off my back, probably this is the maximum length for a person, I adjusted the backsetting on maximal length and it works. Only just, because sometimes you losen up the shoulder straps and you can't lower the connecting band enough, so its touches your throut. The same accounts for water tube, I would like to fix it on one side, instad off crossing in front off your trout, but this is a minor and can be fixed.
    Just a few more wishes. The belly strap, a little bit wider perhapse, since you can put comfortable a lot off weight in it.. Since it’s a travel bag and hiking bag in on, a hybride, good gear for light travel, why no straps on the top or bottum, for extra luggage, such as tent, sleeping bag, yoga mat. And finaly, now there is corona, the top pocket I use for quick grab, sunglasses, mobile (size is fit for), etc., etc,. I want to split it from cash money, separate 
    But besides all that, I am a happy camper, will use it untill old age!

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  2. Rating
    Met all expectations
    An exceptionally well made product with some nice additional features to make usage more convenient. Will shortly be tested up to the summit of Ben Nevis.

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  3. Rating
    Heavy, Roomy and almost perfect!
    All things you need on the trail or on the road are exactly where you need them to be. The hip belt pockets are large enough to fit an iPhone 11 pro. The capacity of the main compartment is enough for a very small lightweight tent, a quilt and your food system, but it will also carry the daily groceries. I miss the straps on the bottom of the pack to attach a sleeping pad (like the Kestrel), but for a few bucks I bought some generic straps that will do the job. The water hose is on the short size and the magnetic closure of the sternum strap is something a cannot really get used to - especially because I don't need a magnet there, I have attached one below the shoulder straps, where I prefer the mouthpiece to be. Also the magnetic closure is too close to the stow-on-the-go attachment to operate really comfortable. Strange enough, the zipper of the smaller compartiment has no flap over it to protect it from the elements, like all the other zippers do have. But overall this pack really has become my new friend. It is great, although there is still some room for little improvement.

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