Rolling Transporter 120: 2018 Model

Bagage à roulettes unisexe durable 120 L

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AdventureProof on wheels.

By taking everything that we’ve learned about duffel bags and combining it with our expertise in rolling luggage, Osprey has created a travel pack which is truly AdventureProof, and this time it’s wheeled.

Weight: 3.9KG

Dimensions (cm) 97L / 57W / 38D

Tissu 840D Nylon TPU Double Coated

Tissu durable et hautement déperlant
Poches externes aux extrémités
Système interne de sangles de compression
Chassis Osprey HighRoad™
AdventureProof sur roues. En rassemblant nos connaissances en matière de sacs de sport et notre expertise dans le domaine des bagages à roues, Osprey a créé un sac de voyage vraiment digne du projet AdventureProof avec, cette fois, un sac de sport sur roulettes. Le Rolling Transporter 120 est un sac de sport ultra résistant et performant doté de roues tout-terrain et conçu pour aller là où les autres sacs ne vont pas. Équipé du châssis HighRoad™ d'Osprey, ce sac peut affronter tout terrain irrégulier grâce à ses composants en polymère ABS et ses roues extra larges en polyuréthane qui se déplacent à merveille. La poignée rétractable ErgoGrip™ permet de faire rouler le sac et de le diriger en toute simplicité. Le corps du sac est composé de nylon laminé TPU robuste qui garantit une durabilité exceptionnelle tout en restant léger et doux au toucher. Les modes et composants de fabrication du Transporter ont été sélectionnés de manière à offrir un maximum de résistance aux intempéries et à tous les coups durs lors des transports. Prenant la forme d'un tonneau, le sac permet un usage optimal du volume disponible et assure un chargement facile, qu'importe votre mode de transport choisi. L'intérieur du sac comprend des compartiments en filet pour ranger les objets essentiels en lieu sûr, tandis qu'une grande poche facile d'accès en haut du sac constitue l'endroit idéal pour glisser votre Document Zip Wallet renfermant votre passeport et vos billets. La poche principale s'ouvrant sur le côté, le Rolling Transporter peut être rempli comme une valise, mais les nombreuses poignées et points d'attache vous permettent aussi de le manipuler dans tous les sens comme un vrai sac de sport. Un porte-étiquette situé en haut du sac vous aide à l'identifier d'un seul coup d'œil sur le tapis des bagages.

Poids: 3.9 kg

Dimensions (CM): 97L / 57W / 38D

Fabric: 840D Nylon TPU Double Coated


  • Double poche filet sur le devant intérieur du sac
  • Poche de rangement à fermeture éclair
  • Poignée
  • Pochette carte identité
  • Poche de côté avec intérieur en maille
  • Poignée escamotable ErgoGrip
  • Accès par devant au compartiment principal avec fermeture éclair verrouillable
  • Tissu durable et hautement déperlant
  • Poches externes aux extrémités
  • Système interne de sangles de compression
  • Chassis Osprey HighRoad™
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  1. Rating
    Does what it says on the tin
    Big , light , well made , great wheels ....been on two airlines and had no issues with it being taken as normal luggage . Blue colour easy to spot !

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  2. Rating
    Rolling Transporter 120 - The Heavy Hauler
    I've used this bag over cobbles, gravel, grass, rock, slabs, carpet, roads and pavements. It's been used in trains, buses, cars, taxi's, and on rolling road conveyors.

    I've used used the Transporter 120 in conditions from 35c in bright baking sunlight to 2c and pouring with rain. The bag simply takes abuse.

    The contents of bag have always been dry and undamaged. I used it to transport large DSLR camera and video systems, with heavy and expensive lenses.

    My experience with this bag is nothing but 100% positive.

    Do get internal bags for wet conditions, it will help aid compartmentalization of your equipment.

    I recommend that you use internal cube bags made by Osprey, as the contents of the bag follows gravity.

    I use camera pouches and soft bags for the camera equipment.

    LISTEN UP OSPREY ! "I wish Osprey would make camera pouches and camera inserts and protectors for DSLR and Video kit ". They would sell millions !!!

    I also recommend that if you put DSLR Lenses in, that something "soft" like rain gear or coats etc be placed at the bottom end of the bag.

    I would also point out that you can daisy chain these bags together via the strap under the top strap handle.

    The wheels make mounting the curb easy. Stupidly heavy loads feel light in the hand.

    I've run with up to 40kg in it, but suggest around 25kg of kit is perfect for long journeys.

    The blue coloring is fantastic and makes it stick out from the crowd. The black is more stealthy.

    I highly recommend this bag.

    The only thing missing is the pocket at the top is not lockable.

    "Come on Osprey ! just one extra Zip-Head and this would have been the perfect bag" !

    It doesn't bother me that it isn't lockable, but it's the only flaw in an otherwise perfect bag.


    You can fit 2 side by side in a Mercedes S Class boot.
    You can fit 3 stacked in a Mercedes G Wagon behind the rear seats.
    You can fit 6 stacked in 2's in a Mercedes E Class estate boot.
    You can fit 2 stacked in a BMW 3 series estate boot.
    You can fit 4 stacked in 2's in a BMW 5 series estate boot.

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  3. Rating
    Great bag but...
    Rugged, strong big enough for all your ski kit etc but judged too long by airports and had to go to oversize luggage.

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  4. Rating
    Great for travel on trains, planes and busses
    Heading abroad with lots of heavy luggage requires any help one can get. My trip was via cities, trains, airports and streets so wheels were what I needed. I was lugging my allotted weight 23kg in Ospreys’ new transporter series. I opted for the 120litre variant. Ospreys largest offering. I wanted something strong, spacious weather proof and hassle free. £240 is the RRP for the bag, and so for this price I wanted something pretty fantastic.

    Inside the bag there are 3 compression straps across the width, so you are able to secure loads within the bag. On the lid there is a large split netted pocket/organiser. It’s great, simple, well thought out. There is a hidden pocket I discovered on the very top when you are dragging the bag. A zipped compartment-ideal for travel documents, books, laptops etc. The material is different to what The North Face, and Mountain Equipment use on their duffel bags. It kind of feels more technically advanced, similar but with more viscosity. I went for the blue, and it does stand out on the baggage reclaim-not spectacularly, but it does. I swear by Ospreys’ backpacks so I want to like this bag, I want it to be good. Better, I want it to be fantastic, I expect it to be nothing more than perfect.

    I loaded up the bag and although spacious, I was using compression bags which, if anything, take up more space-don’t ask me how its an oxymoron, but never the less I loaded it up. I put my details in the little Perspex window (similar to what they have on The North Face duffel bags) and so far its still on the bag-its doing better than the North Face who’s window lasted one flight.

    The bag thus far has excelled. It doesn’t have a shoulder strap, I put one on in case I needed to carry it-as yet I haven’t used it. The bag has good grab handles on all sides which is very useful. Its wheels are big and worked well on a gravel and potholed street I used to drag it to the station. The wheel housing is all heavy duty plastic, but after a day of use it is showing signs of travel. Grazing to various underparts, I will watch this and see how this area wears over the trip.

    I have tested its integrity and inner strength quite dramatically. Tired and exhausted I dragged it from a train to the platform-a good 30 cm without mercy its wheels slammed onto concrete. I didn’t feel guilty and hoped it would be ok, and indeed it seems great. I went to baggage at the airport for leg one of three to Longyearbyen. Via Oslo, Tromso and the destination. It appeared on the belt in Oslo and I dragged it through snow and ice to my hotel (via another train I hasten to add). Up early and back to the airport, off the bags went. I now should see them at my final destination. Landed at Tromso for refuelling. The weather was atrocious and we were told no bags would be on the flight. Landed eventually at Longyearbyen and as they said, there were no bags. They were back in Oslo. I was gobsmacked, and cold. Very cold.

    3 days later the bags arrived, and all the stuff in my ski bag was damp. I think the bags had been left on a runway somewhere in snow/rain. I opened my Osprey and it was all dry. Impressed isn’t the word. I was happy. (I also had my clothes so warmth awaited me.

    Repacking the bag is always a challenge, and somehow I ended up with more gear that I started with. I managed to split the gear with my ski bag, and zipped the transporter. Used the internal compression straps and particularly like the external clips. I hid the zips under these to keep them safe. Dragged the bag onto the street and waited for the bus. Another airport, another conveyer belt. I was told my bags wouldn’t stop with me in Oslo, but would meet me in the UK. I assumed they would be ok, after all airports deal with millions of bags. As it turns out they did turn up safely and apparently in one piece. Impressive considering the length of the Transporter is the fact it came out with all the ‘normal’ luggage. I now had to drag it through Heathrow, in and out of lifts towards the Heathrow express. The bag, when dragging it behind you is reassuringly rigid and its big wheels glided easily and very smoothly. The train arrived and it was busy. I managed to drag it and my ski bag onto the express and wended my way towards Paddington railway station. As I traveled I noticed my contact cards glistening through the little PVC window and it struck me how well made this bag is. Osprey appear to of taken their time on this. The handles on the top and both sides are tough, and there are even nylon straps on the sides for lashing purposes.

    Fair to say that I like the bag. A lot. It is durable, weather proof, and built for abuse. It is big, but I did manage to get it on a train baggage rack (above your head). I’m glad I wasn’t sitting under it, but it sat there for several hundred miles without shifting.


    The bag is good. Tough and durable, easy to pack and has a great chassis and wheels. It’s been great on a complicated trip. It can go in baggage racks and does offer some protection from the weather.

    Only downside is storage-its big and doesn’t fit neatly anywhere, it doesn’t have a shoulder strap (although not really a problem. A different bag than a straight forward duffel bag. If you’re able to drag it, then this wins hands down!!

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  5. Rating
    excellent produit
    très bon produit, résistant , grand espace de rangement .
    seul bémol difficile a sécuriser...

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  6. Rating
    Great piece of luggage
    Bought this for a 6 month trip around Asia, needed to bring along a lot of gear ( Diving & Motorcycle ) and it´s great loads of room for all your stuff and more. Quality of materials and attention to detail is second to none, it´s been thrown on and off small planes, ferries and motorcycle taxis. Nothing has broken. Downside is it´s size can be a bit cumbersome at times when it needs to be lifted and had to check it in as special luggage with a few airlines. Nitpicking here but the wheels could be of better quality, rubber wheels and some ball bearings would help on some of the more broken paths. All in all another quality product from Osprey

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  7. Rating
    Really cool
    Resistant, efficient, nice shape, solid, esthetic.

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  8. Rating
    Spacious and reliable
    I've recently taken my Rolling Transporter 120 on a two-week holiday in Bali (where it got dragged here, there and everywhere) and also a week-long trip to Slovenia. I'm a photographer, so I have a lot of equipment, I'm also a serial over-packer, which is why I went for the 120. I was impressed with the amount of space, I was able to cram everything I needed in. It took an almighty battering in Bali, being chucked on planes, boats, horse and cart, taxis and being rolled through back streets, beaches, paddies and even jungle at one point - it took everything I chucked at it. I went for the Kingfisher blue which is a brilliantly vibrant colour, though be prepared for it to show the dirt... It went into London Gatwick looking squeaky clean and came off the belt in Bali looking like it'd been through a battle-zone. No damage though.

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  9. Rating
    Great bag
    Bought this bag for a trip to Australia next winter, but used it for a week in Corfu as a bit of a trial run. Easily got all my stuff and my husband’s into the bag. It can all be kept flat with the inside straps. Bag is light and easy to manoeuvre. It doesn’t fall over, which is helpful too. I would definitely recommend it. Oh and blue colour is great!

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