Lumbar Hydration

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  1. Seral & Savu

    Bite Me.
    For riders who require hydration or gear storage while riding, but prefer the off-the-back carry and minimalism provided by lumbar packs.

  2. Unisex
    Savu 5
    Savu 5
    Unisex 5L biking lumbar pack
    As low as €65.00
  3. Unisex
    Seral 4
    Seral 4
    Unisex 4L biking hydration lumbar pack
    As low as €75.00
  4. Unisex
    Seral 7
    Seral 7
    Unisex 7L biking hydration lumbar pack
    As low as €90.00
  5. Reservoirs

    Providing maximum levels of stability and ease of use, the Hydraulics™ reservoir series is essential for keeping you hydrated on your outdoor adventures. There are multiple hydration bladder sizes and all the spares you could need.

  6. Unisex
    Hydraulics™ Lumbar 1.5L Reservoir Front Side
    Hydraulics Lumbar 1.5L Reservoir
    1.5L BPA free lightweight lumbar water reservoir