Women's Fit

Designed for women. Our women’s backpacks all feature a backsystem that has been specifically designed to provide an optimum fit for a female body offering unparalleled levels of comfort and support.

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Aura AG


Ventilation and comfort in 3D. Aura AG is a women's backpacking backpack featuring Osprey's innovative AG Antigravity™ back system. Aura AG is comfortable in warm weather thanks to its ventilated hipbelt, and versatile enough for year-round use. 

Ariel AG


The journey is your reward. Ariel's AG Antigravity™ suspension combines with a Custom Mouldable hipbelt to create an exceptional women's backpacking backpack, designed for multi-day trips.



Wilderness unlimited. Xena is the ultimate women's specific gear carrying solution, featuring high levels of accessibility and organisation, this trekking backpack is designed to carry serious loads to the most remote destinations on earth.