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With a new, stylish aesthetic, the Tropos is a top-of-the-range daypack designed for your active lifestyle. Featuring a suspended mesh ventilated backpanel, this pack will help to keep you cool on your commute or business travel.

Dimensions (CM): 53L /34W / 27D

Front panel organiser pocket
Padded laptop and tablet sleeve with direct zip access
Side compression straps
Stretch mesh side pockets
Vertical centred zippered pocket
Zippered scratch-free sunglasses and electronics pocket

With a new, stylish aesthetic, the Tropos is a top-of-the-range daypack designed for your active lifestyle. Featuring a suspended mesh ventilated backpanel, this pack will help to keep you cool on your commute or business travel.

Key features include a padded laptop sleeve which is suspended away from the bottom of the pack, preventing you damaging your computer when you put your pack down. The laptop sleeve features direct zip access, which allows you to breeze through airline security checkpoints or grab your devices with ease. Assisting with this, Tropos utilises an integrated kickstand which makes the pack stay upright by itself, so you don't have to prop it up when accessing your gear or reaching for your phone. This innovation also prevents the pack from tilting over and helps to protect its contents.

A front organisation pocket helps you keep your possessions where they belong, whilst a smaller scratch-free top pocket provides a great place to keep phones, sunglasses or other items which you need easy access to.

A vertical zip pocket on the front provides an easy place to store gloves or a jacket, along with twin stretch mesh side pockets that are big enough for a water bottle.

When not in use, the kickstand flattens for ease of storage.

The hidden garaging on the front of the backpack tucks any loose straps neatly away.

Dimensions (CM): 53L /34W / 27D


  • Internal key attachment clip
  • Sternum strap with emergency whistle
  • Removable webbing hipbelt
  • LED light attachment point
  • AirSpeed™ ventilated trampoline suspended mesh backpanel
  • Front panel organiser pocket
  • Padded laptop and tablet sleeve with direct zip access
  • Side compression straps
  • Stretch mesh side pockets
  • Vertical centred zippered pocket
  • Zippered scratch-free sunglasses and electronics pocket

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I would like to know: is the Tropos backpack compatible with a water reservoir (e.g. Hydraulics), and if yes, what is the maximum volume? Thanks for your response in advance. Best regards, Patrik

The Tropos has not been designed to be compatible with any of our Hydraluics reservoirs.

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  1. Deal Breaker - a few omissions in design
    Below is list of luggage I have of the Osprey brand; you could say I am usually a fan. Most packs are hits but a few are misses, including this Tropos.

    Read all the static reviews and watched all the video reviews on U Tube before buying this one online. I have to say the review sites were of little value as they offer no extra information over the Osprey Europe site. None of the reviews were able to tell me two vital pieces of information.

    The Good News.
    Some reviewers complained of the narrow waist strap. That is because Osprey do not have in any literature that the pack goes onto a number of larger Osprey luggage, piggy-back style. I have actually attached to Farpoint 65 Wheels and onto Farpoint Trek 55. Although not physically attached in a test but am sure it will piggy back onto Sojourn, and Farpoint Wheels 36 also.

    The Bad News.
    Either the designer was asleep on the job or it was cost cutting. None of the zips lock. Most are single puller zips but the main compartment has a double puller zip. For an extra 50p or a £1 Osprey could have fitted pullers with holes suitable to fit a TSA approved luggage lock. It was a stupid omission and never thought it would be missing when order this because all the other Osprey travel packs have this ability to keep opportunistic thieves out. Potential purchasers could be considering this pack to replace their (locable) brief cases. In my case I need the ability not only to keep laptops hidden but prying eyes from paper documents. I work at client offices, vessels, and or crew in the deserts where, if I am provided with locker or cabin, somebody else would have a master key. Often papers and equipment have to be left behind when I go out to inspect the crew at their work locaitons.

    Have designers not thought that there are plenty of architects & engineers who use the Underground to tgravel to work site in London for example. Have designers not thought that when people like me who go on training courses or to give presentations, it would be impractical to carry the laptop and papers everywhere but have to leave in the classroom ? I could be carrying information belong to more than one company (there will be even more self-employed people in years to come).

    This security requirement is such a basic need that Osprey has fitted lockable zip pullers onto main pack as well as the piggy back pack on Farpoint 70 as well as 55 so why not on this Tropos ? By them saving 50p they have lost a sale because it is no good to me without the lockable zip pullers. I can do without the kick stand but not the security aspect and I wasn't even looking as the super safe designs from Packsafe.

    As it is now, it is just a "me too" pack with ability to stand up but it would only stand if there are some items already in the pack to keep the "kick stand" metal frame extended.

    Even the "airspeed" trampoline back to keep user from sweating too much is nothing new. I have had Berhaus Freeflow series of packs for about 20 years and still have Freeflow III 20 litre with such a back design.

    There are other annoyances which I could live with had there been locakable zip pullers. I travel with HP 840 Elitebook as my main machine with a 14 inch extension second screen. For a back up computer I carry HP 820 EliteBook. Well, within the laptop compartment there is a separate netted zipped section, the shortness of zip won't allow the 820 to go inside unless I am prepared to have it scratched by the zip puller. Don't know why there needs to be a zip; could just as well leave it open and therefore wider (else use velcro if designers are bothererd to have it closed).

    For commuters or construction workers there is another omission. There is nowhere to put cycle helmet (or safety hard hat). At least Deuter has anchor points on their packs and sell a 4 strap gadget option to stow a helmet. I bought such helmet holder for use on Farpoint 36 Wheels. See what I mean about the "professional" reviewers, they don't tell you anything useful such as a user-chooser customer would.

    Some zips have a cover to prevent too much rain getting in but not all compartments have zip covers. Also at the top there is a hole for hydration tube to protrude which would let rain inside the pack quite easily. For a few dollars more I wish Osprey would use rain resistant zips. I often go on marine assignments and get onboard the vessel via open boats. Spray and water invariably gets everywhere. Oftern there is no big bin liners to use when transiting so waterproof zips would be more useful than a kick stand.

    There are some good design features but the disadvantages out weighed the good points. Returning this one and getting a Pacsafe

    My work and leisure packs include :-
    Sojourn 80, Farpoints inc; 65 Wheels, 36 Wheels, one of 80, two of 70, Trek 55; three of Daylite series, Atmos 65, two of Exos 38. The whole point for me to get Tropos is to replace Farpoint 36 Wheels for flying on board propellor driven commercial flights which won't allow the wheeled luggage.

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  2. Perfect commuting bag
    Brought this bag for my wife for work,she uses it on the bike,bus and train.This is the perfect bag for commuting carries everything you could need,comfortable,and loads of organisation.Its light and extremely well made with great quality zips,she absolutely loves it and uses it everyday ,another quality bag from Osprey.

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  3. Great bag!
    A great bag for weekend trips or day tours.
    Excellent bult-in stand function. To get a full score it could be good with some rubber bands on the straps to collect loose dangling strap ends.

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  4. Amazing bag, perfect for an active work/life balance
    I absolutely love this bag, my work involves commutes that range from trains, car, bike and walking and the bag is super comfy no matter how I travel. The mesh system genuinely stops me getting sweaty and keeps my laptop away from my back, this has been an annoyance with old bags where you can feel the shape of items in the bag.
    The pockets are all really well thought out with a place for everything, the laptop sleeve feels really secure and well padded and the front pocket has little organisation pockets that work great for my phone, laser measurer, pens etc.
    It feels pretty bombproof, I'm great at destroying things and I'm over a month in and it still looks like new, I guess tie will tell.

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  5. Mostly good
    Lots of good quality materials and good ideas, but unfortunately there's a couple of glaring oversights too. There's a gap in the material above the laptop compartment which is meant for headphones to pop out of i guess, but as someone else commented it's such a stupid placement as if it rains then water could very easily go into the laptop compartment, the very last place you want it to go!! I will try to sow mine up, as I will never use it for headphones as I said bye bye to wires a while ago. Please Osprey, learn from this mistake and don't do this again.

    The back trampoline works and is comfy most of the time, but there's not much depth to it when loaded with a laptop, meaning that if I bend over a bit I will bottom out. It's not affected me badly so far, so maybe I am being too picky on that one?

    Lots of useful compartments. My drinks bottle of strapped nice and tight so i don't worry about it falling off. The weight is pretty light on the back considering how much stuff you can get in it. It looks professional enough in a dark colour (mine is navy).

    I like the kickstand feature. It works well most of the time. I like the quick access laptop compartment.

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  6. Un gran `producto
    Es una mochila que me ha encantado, la considero muy completa. Si que hay cosas que me hubiera gustado que tuviera como un bolsillo pequeño de acceso rápido en el lateral para no tener que quitarse la mochila para sacar las llaver por ejemplo.
    Considero que la malla de la espalda es todo un acierto, para mi que vivo en una ciudad de clima cálido sobretodo en verano he pasado de sudar toda la espalda simepre que iba con la mochila a no sudar apenas, solo por el calor.
    La distribución de los bolsillos es estupenda, yo buscaba una distribución asi. Un bolsillo donde cabe un portatil de 16' y además la tablet en otro bolsillo. Un segundo bolsillo de gran capacidad con un sitio donde poner papeles. El bolsillo donde llevar un montón de "por si a caso"... y el bolsillo delantero que me viene muy bien para llevar cosas de uso puntual como un cubremochilas, porque es uno de los fallos de la mochila, no tiene cubremochilas... Una lluvia ligera es capaz de reistirla sin que cale, pero si es intensa se te va a humedecer mucho la mochila por dentro.
    Una de las cosas que más miedo me daba por como me iba a resultar es la estructura para que se mantenga en pié, y la verdad es que me ha encantado. Para mi una de las cosas diferenciadoras con otras marcas. Me chifla poder poner la mochila en el suelo y que no se caiga. Eso si, a la hora de usar la mochila como equipaje se vuelve una bolsa más rígida de lo que me gustaría, porque esa estructura metálica que lleva le hace ser demasiado alta.
    La verdad es que me parecia que iba ser una mochila más pesada de lo qe es, pero me ha parecido ligera. Se adapta muy bien a la espalda y es fácilmente regulable. El enganchhe de la cadera no lo he usado, pero el de pecho viene muy bien para fijar la mochila y no se balancee cuando vas en bici o necesitas echarte una carrera rápida.
    Los bolsillos laterales son bastantes amplios y cabe perfectamente una botella de más de 1 litro. Las cintas de compresión laterles son bastante útiles, pero me habrñia encantado que se hubieran podido juntar entre ellas por detras, para poder llevar más carga como puede ser una esterilla o un almohada.

    Por último, no se como va a envejecer, pero el único punto que me da más miedo es que las asas de la espalda están cosidas a la malla y no se si se llegará a destensar la malla.

    Es una mochila que me ha encantado y a día de hoy no la cambiaría por ningua otra.

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  7. Unglaublich gut
    Dieser Rucksack ist echt ein Phänomen. Es bleibt halt einfach dabei: In Sachen Rucksäcke macht keiner Osprey was vor.

    Ich habe mittlerweile als Rucksack für die Arbeit mit einem, teilweise zwei Laptops diverse Odysseen hinter mir. Zuletzt einen nicht billigen Rucksack einer namhaften schweizer Firma. Dort riss dann irgendwann ein Reißverschluss aus. Nach 1,5 Jahren war er hin. Gleichzeitig hatte ich das Problem, dass der Rucksack zwar riesig war, Dinge fürs Büro aber trotzdem nicht wirklich reinpassten. Irgendwie wirkte immer alles gestopft, gefunden hat man trotzdem nix, und es gab eine große Wühlerei jedesmal.

    Osprey dagegen: Jede Menge schlaue Verstaumöglichkeiten, ein Raumwunder. Er trägt locker zwei Laptops, deren Netzteile (oben, sofort griffbereit), alles was ich sonst noch so brauche im Alltag, von der Maus über diverse Adapter, Kabel bis hin zum Moderationsset. Und es wird noch irrer: Ich habe sogar schon eine HoloLens hineingepackt und hatte immer noch Platz. In keinen mir bekannten Rucksack oder Tasche hat jemals eine HoloLens hineingepasst - Ausnahme Riesen-Rucksäcke oder ganze Reisetaschen. Wie machen die das? Dabei sieht er noch nicht einmal klobig aus!

    Glücklicherweise kann man die Bauchbinde (mehr ist das Hüft-Gürtlein nicht) abnehmen - braucht kein Mensch (ich klettere nicht so häufig überhang...). Der Rucksack steht wie eine eins. Ich kann mir keinen anderen mehr vorstellen. Tablet oder Notebook sind sofort griffbereit, dotzen beim Abstellen nicht auf den Boden.

    Der Tragekomfort: Einzigartig. Da kommt keiner ran. Der Preis ist natürlich abartig. Doppelt so hoch wie andere. Dafür aber dreimal so gut. Ich bereue es nicht und freue mich jeden Tag an diesem Rucksack. Das ist wirklich mal gut investiertes Geld.

    (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

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