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  1. Skarab

    Utility Vehicle.
    Daypacks with an intuitive design, Skarab is a simple, stylish hiking companion. Equipped with a rain-cover and AirScape™ Backsystem, the Skarab balances an essential feature set against a refreshingly clean aesthetic.

  2. Male
    Mystic Red
    Skarab 34
  3. Male
    Mystic Red
    Skarab 30
  4. Male
    Deep Blue
    Skarab 22
  5. Mira

    Hike First Class.
    Hike First Class with the women’s specific Mira hiking backpacks. These highly ventilated packs are equipped with a trampoline sprung Airspeed™ backsystem and an integrated raincover. Mira is the full hiking package.


  6. Female
    Celestial Charcoal
    Mira 32
    Women's 32L fully-featured daypack
  7. Female
    Mira 22
    Mira 22
    Women's 22L fully-featured daypack with raincover