Kids' Hiking Backpacks

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  1. Tempest

    The iconic Tempest packs are built for comfort and versatility, with unrivalled performance. Tempest is a women's hiking backpack which is at home wherever you are and whatever you do.

  2. New
    Tempest 11 Junior
    Tempest 11 Junior
    Girls' 11L versatile and lightweight hiking daypack
    As low as DKK750.00
  3. Jet
    We want to inspire young people to enjoy the outdoors and the Jet series is our way of helping to achieve this. We know by giving children the same level of pack fit and function as their grown-up counterparts that nothing will stop their adventures. The Jet equips your child with a fully featured daypack that'll rivals any adult sized Osprey packs.
  4. Unisex
    Jet 12
    Jet 12
    As low as DKK500.00
  5. Unisex
    Jet 18
    Jet 18
    Unisex 18L fully recycled and sustainable youth daypack with lid
    As low as DKK600.00