Hydraulics™ Reservoir Hose

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Schnell und einfach auszutauschen ist der Hydraulics&trade

Compatible with Hydraulics™ Reservoir
Kompatibel mit der Hydraulics™ LT Trinkblase
Schnell und einfach auszutauschen ist der Hydraulics&trade

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  • BPA-frei
  • Kompatibel mit der Hydraulics™ Trinkblase und Hydraulics™ LT Trinkblase

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Wie viele Sterne vergibst Du?
    Did not fit my hydraulics lt 2,5
    My sister ordered me a new hose and now I tried changing it before going to New Zealand. As the hose did not fit my OSPREY HYDRAULICS LT 2,5 System, I ended up destroying some parts by trying to make it fit. That's pretty annoying, because now I can't use it. I will have to buy a new reservoir, and I think it won't be from osprey.

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  2. Wie viele Sterne vergibst Du?
    The Proper Hose
    Replaced hose on bladder and wanted to do it right.
    Fit the proper hose for the job, and it is longer.

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  3. Wie viele Sterne vergibst Du?
    Packing is all
    As the title says, packaging is all, read on. I prefer a hose from Osprey instead of something cheap and when you go known brand, just as well Osprey since I have the Hydraulics system in use.
    The hose on the bladder is only 80cm total length and as a tall guy I need at least 100cm to comfortably work with. So I need a spare hose with a new bladder...
    The hose is good, but the packaging is not. The box is in the 'Osprey style' small white box. Good sturdy box for what that is worth, but the hose is wrapped up as small as they could possibly get it. Using it like that is annoying so it needs to be straightened before use. I do not really like having to pay for an extra hose with a brand new bladder, but when the hose then comes wrapped like that .. it felt like a disappointment when I realized what I had to do. I suggest Osprey to change that and specially not wrap the hose in itself.

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