Sac à dos lifestyle homme 33 L avec poche frontale stretch et pochette pour ordinateur portable

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The Nebula is a city bag with true outdoor heritage, carrying a design degree passed down from decades of Osprey backpack experience. This quality and feature-driven daypack is versatile, durable and offers unrivalled levels of organisation and carrying comfort. Nebula's AirScape™ backpanel is equipped with foam ridges providing high levels of comfort and fit. A padded laptop and tablet sleeve with direct zip access allows you to breeze through airline security checkpoints or grab your devices with ease.

Weight: 1.1KG

Dimensions (cm) 48L / 31W / 30D

Tissu 210/420/630D Nylon Dobby Blend

Compartiment rembourré pour ordinateur portable et tablette, avec accès direct zippé
Sangle de compression sur les côtés
Pochette frontale extensible
Poche latérales en maille extensible
Poche anti-égratignure pour lunette et appareil électroniques
Le quotidien organisé. Le Nebula est un sac de ville doté d’un véritable caractère outdoor, provenant de la longue expérience d’Osprey dans le domaine. Il s’agit d’un sac à dos de qualité qui se distingue par sa fonctionnalité, sa polyvalence et sa durabilité et qui offre tout ce qu’il faut en termes d'organisation et de confort de transport. Le panneau arrière AirScape™ en mousse nervurée du Nebula vous offre un confort et un ajustement parfaits. Un compartiment rembourré pour laptop et tablette, avec accès direct zippé, vous permet de retrouver aisément vos appareils électroniques et de passer rapidement les contrôles de sécurité dans les aéroports. Des sangles de compression latérales et une sangle abdominale amovible maintiennent votre charge toujours sous contrôle. Le compartiment caché sur le devant du sac à dos permet de dissimuler soigneusement les sangles qui traînent. Vous gardez vos effets bien rangés durant vos déplacements grâce à une multitude de poches, de compartiments et d’un organisateur intégré. Les jours où le temps se fait plus court, vous apprécierez la poche avant extensible qui vous permet d’y glisser rapidement une veste ou un journal. Le support pour feu de vélo LED vous assure d'être immédiatement repéré quand la nuit tombe.

Poids: 1.1 kg

Dimensions (CM): 48L / 31W / 30D

Fabric: 210/420/630D Nylon Dobby Blend

Volume: 34L


  • Clip porte-clés à l'intérieur
  • Poche latérales en maille extensible
  • Sangle de Sternum avec sifflet
  • Sangles de ceinture amovibles
  • Fixation pour lampe LED
  • Pochette organisatrice dans le panneau frontal
  • Panneau arrière ultraléger en mailles trampolines ventilées AirSpeed™
  • Compartiment rembourré pour ordinateur portable et tablette, avec accès direct zippé
  • Sangle de compression sur les côtés
  • Pochette frontale extensible
  • Poche latérales en maille extensible
  • Poche anti-égratignure pour lunette et appareil électroniques

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  1. Rating
    Awesome backpack only one thing
    This is one of my favourite backpacks, it replaces a old custom bag i had before and this basically has everything that one had and a bit more.
    One design choice i question however is the hip strap; I struggle with the reason they included it at the thickness it has, hip straps in my experience are to offload weight when you're carrying a heavy backpack.
    Where this hip strap fails is that it's not in proportion to the size of the sack.

    It is way too slim for the amount of weight you can expect to be carrying in it, as i use it everyday it is very noticeable how much the slim hip strap dig into then gut and body in general and gradually slides down.

    Whit this size of sack one should go for a wider strap at a minimum 3-4cm wide that grips more evenly. I might just modify my sack myself as everything else has performed above expectations.
    Otherwise Osprey are among the top backpack designer and i am looking forward to seeing how they progress! :)

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  2. Rating
    Everything you need
    I love this bag ! I use it everyday for my commute to work and also on the weekends when on long walks and hikes. It’s got every pocket you could think of that you would need. The only slight negative I could think of is that front pocket only has one zip unlike the other pockets which have two on for easier access while on the go. Not a major problem. I carry 2 tablets and 2 phones with me to work and also clothing etc and the back doesn’t feel too bulky. The chest and hip clips are handy and make it more comfortable when carrying heavier loads. Would definitely recommend !

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    Date :

  3. Rating
    Amazing all-around backpack
    Amazing bag. Clearly shows a lot of thought has been put into how to design compartments. I recently took it to a trip and I was amazed at how much I could pack into it (including 2 laptops on the laptop sleeve, a full change of clothes, headset, umbrella, chargers, bottle and even a jacket could fit in at the same time alongside smaller stuff) and it was still comfy to carry around. My only comment would be that the outer pocket doesn't have a double zipper so it only opens one-way. Other than that, it's an amazing all-around bag to use from work, to travelling, to hiking. The pictures on this site don't do the colors justice, so I would suggest you have a look at another picture/video if possible to get an idea of how awesome this thing really looks. Make sure to get a waterproof cover for it if you are worried about your equipment during heavy rain since there is an opening right above the laptop sleeve to pass cables through, but it looks safe in light conditions or coupled with an umbrella.

    This is definitely a quality product that deserves my recommendation and I can only hope that it lasts me for a long time because I am absolutely loving it so far.

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  4. Rating
    Good quality backpack
    So far the best backpack i've ever had. This is huge upgrade from my previous Samsonite GuardIt backpack. A lot more space, more compartments and overall better build quality.

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  5. Rating
    A brilliant bag, really comfortable even at full load. The top pocket is great for a wash bag when travelling although I would love an additional discreet top pocket near the top handle for a wallet etc. Good amount of space for a night or two away. I just wish osprey could make a bag exactly like this but in the 40-50 litre range!

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    Date :

  6. Rating
    Guess who's the best
    I've been using this pack (the older version) for more than a year now and I'm still glad I bought it. Although I had the same problems with the zipp cords as Sam wrote on 30 july, the cords come off. I solved this with a slightly thicker cord, they didn't come off since then.

    I have 3 more Osprey packs for different purposes and some packs from other brands. Guess which are the best...

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    Date :

  7. Rating
    Best Pack I Have Ever Had
    I bought the older version - the Nebula 34, in march 2019. I have loved it so much that i am writing this review right now, which I almost never do. From a person who always saves up for quality products, I was expecting a quality product. Still I was surprised by just how much better this pack was compared to my prior Eastpack one. If Osprey keeps up this quality and service, there is no way im ever owning a pack from another brand. Simply well done Osprey, couldn't be happier.

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  8. Rating
    Great bag for work
    As someone who's works from home, the office and also works from mobile areas, this bag is perfect. It holds my laptop, charger and headset, with specific pockets for large amounts of paperwork, while also leaving space for my lunch and gym wear.

    The bag can fit so much in it without looking ridiculously packed on your back, and can be easily organised so everything is easy to get to.

    I also used this bag as my carryon and used it daily on my holiday with no complaints. I only wish it came with a waterproof sheet!

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    Date :

  9. Rating
    Great bag, terrible zip pulls
    This bag has been awesome, had it for over a year now and it's comfortable, easy to adjust and has a large capacity.

    My only complaint about this bag is the zip pulls which are cord. The cords constantly come off the zip and need to be reattached. This only happens when I pull them so never lost one but it's extremely frustrating when trying to zip up the bag in a hurry. The problem is that the cord fits through the back of the zipper opening so unless you apply all the force in the opposite direction the cord slips and slides out the the back of the zip. I don't understand why this zip pull was chosen.


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  10. Rating
    Nach einem Jahr fallen einem die Schwachstellen auf
    Über die Qualität kann ich bisher nichts sagen. Daran habe ich aber auch nie gezweifelt.

    Ich habe den Nebula ein paar Monate als Fahrrad-Rucksack benutzt. (Laptop, Kleinkram, Jacke, Getränke, …)
    Das er dafür nicht ideal ist wusste ich, auf Grund der Rückenpolsterung. Ging trotzdem ganz gut.

    Seit einigen Wochen verwende ich ihn sehr häufig zu Fuß. Bei dem schönen Wetter habe ich oft nur wenig dafür schwere Gegenstände im Hauptfach. (Buch, Essen, Getränke, …) Ab und zu mit Laptop im hinteren Fach.
    Das Problem ist nun, das die schweren Gegenstände den weichen Stoff nach unten ziehen und das Hauptfach durchhängt. Der Boden könnte also aus einem stärkeren Material sein als der Rest. Dann könnte das Problem behoben werden. Vielleicht ist es ein Luxusproblem, mich stört es aber ziemlich.

    Die Netztaschen für die Getränke sind nicht geeignet für 0,5 l Glasflaschen. Die zusätzlichen Sicherungen sind nämlich zu weit oben angebracht und die Netze nicht hoch genug für die schweren Flaschen. Mir sind schon mehrere Flaschen (z.B. Club Mate) beim schwungvollen Ausziehen runtergeknallt.

    Wer den Rucksack täglich nutzen will, sollte sich ein Regencover kaufen. Hatte neulich den nassen Schirm in der Netztasche und innen war alles nass. Bei stärkerem Regen kann der komplette Rucksack nass werden.

    Wenn das Laptopfach mit dem RV oben mittig geschlossen wurde, ist es mir schon zweimal passiert, das die RV aufgingen und das Hauptfach nach unten in meinen Kniekehlen hing. Glücklicherweise ist nie was passiert.

    Bei dem vorderen Fach (für Kleinzeug) wäre es wünschenswert, wenn der RV seitlich weiter nach unten gehen würde. Momentan endet es immer in einer Wühlerei in Kleinkram.

    Ansonsten ein vernünftiger Rucksack. Vor allem auch in dieser Preiskategorie.

    (This review was left for a previous version of this product)

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