Hike, Bike & Run: Selecting your Multi-Sport Pack


Are you a hiker? Are you a hiker-biker? Are you a hiker-biker-runner? The Multi-Sport lifestyle is only growing faster and faster as sports become more accessible. In this blog we take a look at the Multi-Sport lifestyle and which backpacks are perfect for someone who moves between mountain biking, running and hiking.

Never before have we had so much access to so much information regarding outdoor activities. At a drop of a hat we can research mountain biking trails, hiking routes, running segments and even areas that suit all three. This has opened up opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to experience the full breadth of activities that before seemed daunting both physically and technically. There’s also a wealth of training information available as well. No longer do we have to feel overwhelmed by our lack of experience in a certain activity. With guidance from renowned athletes, hobbyists and even the community as a whole, we can move between new challenges with ease.

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Multi-Sport Packs

If you need a strong all-rounder to accompany you on Mountain Biking trips, day-hikes, and trail runs then the Escapist has got you covered. It has the accessibility and organisation to support you on a day-hike while also utilising the AirScape™ backsystem and BioStretch™ hipbelt/ harness to provide a close and stable fit for biking and run commutes. An integrated raincover, reflective graphics and zippered pockets will also support you across all three activities.

Hike, Bike and Run - Escapist Multi-Sport Packs

Pack featured in this image: Escapist


  1. Cayenne Red
    Escapist 25
    Unisex 25L biking backpack with internal divider and raincover
    Out of Stock
  1. Black
    Escapist 32
    Unisex 32L biking backpack with internal divider and raincover
    Out of Stock

If you’re looking for something with a slightly stronger bike focus, be that Mountain or commute, but still want the option of something that can handle day hikes and occasional runs, then Syncro is your pack. It has a highly ventilated AirSpeed™ trampoline suspended mesh backpanel that will keep you cool no matter how far and fast you go. It also comes equipped with an internal tool/ spares organiser, reflective graphics and stretch side/ front pockets for storing your essentials.

Hike, Bike and Run - Syncro & Sylva Multi-Sport Packs

Packs featured in this image: Syncro & Sylva


  1. Wolf Grey
    Syncro 20
    Men's 20L ventilated multi-sport backpack with raincover
    Out of Stock
  1. Downdraft Grey
    Sylva 12
    Women's 12L ventilated multi-sport backpack with raincover
    Out of Stock

If you want to prioritise running but still need a pack that can handle the ardours of mountain biking trails and be versatile enough to support you on a day-hike, then Katari and the women’s specific Kitsuma are for you. This series comes equipped with a comfortable and close fit, an integrated Hydraulics™ LT Reservoir, flexible low profile design and useful trail visibility features. The fit will mean this pack acts as extension of your body rather than bouncing around as you bike, hike or run.

Hike, Bike and Run - Katari & Kitsuma Hydration Packs

Packs featured in this image: Katari & Kitsuma


  1. Black
    Katari 7
    Men's 7L hydration backpack with 2.5L reservoir
    Out of Stock
  1. Back Teal Reef
    Kitsuma 3
    Women's 3L hydration backpack with 2.5L reservoir
    Out of Stock

If you’re looking to dedicate your time to hiking, biking or running or have a major expedition or event, then activity specific packs (with their wealth of activity specific features) are definitely the way to go. If you need versatility for a range activities then don’t be afraid to go Multi-Sport.

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