Xaver Mayr


Xaver is a talented, young German climber based in Garmisch. In 2013, he became the youngest member of the prestigious DAV Expedkader. Aged 18, he climbed the Eiger Northface, which is considered to be one of the world’s most dangerous ascents.

Xaver’s Osprey

Mutant 38

When it comes to backpacks, the Mutant 38 is the perfect year-round companion on the mountains. Thanks to the pack’s design, my movement is never restricted. Most importantly, it’s super lightweight without compromising on comfort or features.


Career Highlights

  • He climbed the Eiger Northface (3970m), via the “Heckmair” route (1800m, ED, V, A0, 70°) (2014)
  • First redpoint ascent: “SaniTäter” (250m, 7c), in the German Wetterstein Mountains (2014)
  • First ascent of Punta Angela (3215m) through the “Via Disomogenea” route (440m, 6c, A3) in the Bergeller Alps (2014)
  • He climbed “Airgaimes” (200m, M6-, W16, A3, without bolts) on the Seebenseefall in Tirol, Austria (2015)
  • First repeat of the challenging “Dornröschen” Route (1100m, 7-, M5, 50°) on the Zugspitze massif, Austria (2015)
  • Youngest member of the German Alpine Club (DAV) Expedkader (2013-2015)

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