The world’s first digital pack sizing tool

Using the camera on your device, the Osprey PackSizer™ will match your torso size to the right pack size across the entire Osprey range. In 3 easy steps.

This app is revolutionary, there has never been a digital method for pack fitting before now.
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1-pf  Have someone take a full-length photo of you

2-pf  Mark your height on the photo

3-pf  Locate both your upper & lower torso points

Osprey Blog

How to Fit your Backpack

Purchasing the right backpack for your activity is a very important process. Once you have the right pack, getting the right fit is very important too. The aim is to get it perfectly fitted to your body before you begin any load carrying activity. A good fit is the difference between those sore ‘hot spots’…

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Women’s Fit

The shoulder harness is specifically proportioned and designed with varying padding thickness to create an anatomical fit for a woman’s neck, shoulder and chest…

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How to Select Your Pack

Choosing your pack is an important process. It’s going to be your closest companion for many of your outdoor activities and often needs to be versatile to suit your specific needs…

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