Professional Advice for Mountain Bike Beginners

We asked professionals from the world of mountain biking to give their number one piece of advice for mountain biking beginners. Tracy Moseley, Jérôme Clementz, Polly Henderson and Dan Milner each have a unique angle on what it takes to make it in the sport.

Introduction to Map Reading with OS Maps

Maps are important for both planning and for undertaking your hiking or backpacking trip. They provide valuable information about routes, elevation and even landmarks to be noticed along the way. We’ve teamed up with OS Maps to provide you with an introduction to map reading.

How to Stay Hydrated on a Long Run or Ride

Hydration is key to both the performance and enjoyment of your run or ride. It’s also incredibly important for your safety and health. In this blog we look at some simple hydration tips to help you to stay hydrated on a long distance run or mountain biking ride.

Hike, Bike & Run: Selecting your Multi-Sport Pack

Are you a hiker? Are you a hiker-biker? Are you a hiker-biker-runner? The Multi-Sport lifestyle is only growing faster and faster as sports become more accessible. In this blog we take a look at the Multi-Sport lifestyle and which backpacks are perfect for someone who moves between mountain biking, running and hiking.

Christmas Gift Guide

We’ve compiled our best packs and accessories into a gift guide that has something for every sort of outdoor explorer or traveller. From hiking and backpacking to adventure travel and the everyday, there’s a lifetime of adventure to be gifted from our selections below.

A Guide to Sustainable Travel

Travel has many benefits for both the traveller and the destination. It offers an exchange of cultures, economic benefits and a different perspective on the world around us but this can be at a cost to the planet through CO2 emissions. With over 1,322 million International tourist arrivals in 2017 it’s important to look at how we can make our travel sustainable.

Preparing for a Weekend Hike

3,300 minutes. That’s the amount of time available from 5pm Friday to midnight on Sunday. The 55 hours you have to spend on a weekend often seems to race by and those plans to get outside can easily get scrapped. This is a blog aimed at making the most of your weekend outdoors by motivating, preparing and executing the perfect weekend hiking trip.

How to Travel Around the World Forever

Have you ever dreamed of setting off on an adventure that would last a lifetime? If you’re unsure of where to begin, we’ve pulled together our definitive guide to travelling the world forever.

Introduction to Ultralight Backpacking

The Ultralight Hiking and Backpacking ethos can be one that you completely embrace or even just borrow from to optimise your packing and carrying experience. This guide takes a brief look at the basics of Ultralight and how you can take some initial steps to pack lighter.

Celebrating 25 Years of Women’s Fit

Our women’s packs all feature a back system that has been specifically designed to provide an optimum fit for a female body, offering unparalleled levels of comfort and support.