Winter City Break: Carry-on Only


Winter travel offers an alternative, and often magical perspective on tourist destinations around the world. Europe itself has a wealth of winter destinations perfect for short getaways, cosy retreats and vibrant festivities but, for the carry-on only break, we’ll need to get creative with what and how we are packing.

The Pack

Your carry-on luggage should be your first consideration. You need something that can carry all of your winter clothes and essentials for your break, conform to EU carry-on regulations and be comfortable enough to handle the entire journey.

The Ozone 36 is a carry-on ready travel pack designed to make your winter journey easy. Its lightweight design means that it’s easy to haul in and out of those overhead lockers and the Ultralight HighRoad LT™ make wheeling from the terminal to hotel a breeze. Most importantly it confirms to all EU carry-on regulations.

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    Ozone 36

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    Ozone 36 Convertible

  • What to Pack

    It’s winter…pack layers. More specifically think about the winter conditions of your chosen destination. Is it going to be heavy snow, occasional rain or just really cold?

    This sounds obvious, and we’re not suggesting packing snowshoes, but a thick coat and windbreaker will mitigate wind chill while gloves, a hat and warm socks will keep your extremities warm. That being said it’s important not to overpack. Your coat may be essential but are those 4 pairs of trousers important? Remember, your space is at a premium.

    A good rule of thumb is to pack clothes that can be used in multiple combinations. A jumper that can go over your t-shirts for multiple days, a pair of jeans that can be worn several times. This mix and match approach means you can pack less without looking like you only have one outfit.

    Recommended Packing List

    A comfortable woolly hat or beanie. Your ears will definitely appreciate this item.

    Some standard gloves will probably do the trick but consider something warmer if you’re planning to visit somewhere extreme.

    Top layer
    A thick coat/ windbreaker. Consider how waterproof you may need this to be.

    Mid layer
    1 or 2 fleeces or jumpers that can be used across multiple days.

    Base layer
    Some casual T-shirts that can be mixed with any of your other layers.

    1 or 2 pairs of jeans will do the job.

    Socks & Underwear
    Pack a pair per day and make sure the socks are nice and thick.

    Boots or Shoes
    Consider your hiking boots for this item. You may be in a city but you’re bound to be on your feet all day. Hiking boots also have the added benefit of dealing with water or snow better than trainers.

    Ultralight Stuff Pack
    If you don’t want to head out with your main pack then this ultralight companion will do the job.

    Toiletries & Washbag
    A compact washbag, such as the Ultralight Washbag Roll, will hold your toothbrush, toothpaste and other essentials while managing to save you room.

  • Electric Lime

    Ultralight Washbag Zip

  • Tropic Teal

    Ultralight Stuff Pack

  • How to Pack

    Packing cubes are your friends. Organised packing with cubes or a garment folder will help you prioritise what you’re taking and assist with compact packing.

    Another top tip is the ‘wear and pack’. We’re not suggesting you overheat on a cramped plane but as a rule, what you can’t pack you could always wear. Your coat, your hat and maybe an extra layer can come with you on the plane outside of your case. You’ll be grateful for it when you step outside anyway!

    NEW Cube Series

  • Poppy Orange

    Ultralight Packing Cube Medium

  • Tropic Teal

    Ultralight Double Sided Cube Medium

  • Electric Lime

    Ultralight Garment Folder

  • Electric Lime Front

    Ultralight Packing Cube Set


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