The Explore Local Guidebook



Here we are again, we know the drill, but just because big adventures are on hold for now it doesn’t mean that adventures closer to home are impossible. This guide exists as inspiration for the local explorers and for the adventurers starting to dream big.

How to explore locally?

  • Exploration is a mindset – Hidden in plain sight across urban, sub-urban and rural towns everywhere are under-appreciated canal ways, overgrown trails and quiet, oasis-like green spaces. These areas exist everywhere and are outdoor enthusiast’s refuge during strange times. OS Maps has given us all a place start with its #GetOutside Green Space programme.
  • Act like a tourist – Approach your day/weekend/time off with your ‘tourist glasses’ on. Research just as you would if you were going to a new place, be open to new things and have a fresh perspective on places you have been before.
  • Try something new or different – Take up a new hobby! Running, climbing, biking, hiking, kayaking. Or gain a new perspective on a place you know by doing something different. Normally hike in your local forest? Try biking it instead.
  • Camp – Dependent on your local guidelines, camping is a great and low cost way to feel like you are getting away. Whether you’re wild camping or pitching at a camp site, there’s nothing like a night away in nature. A car roof tent like TentBox  is a perfect and simple way to camp, just camp wherever you park!

Why to embrace exploring locally?

  • Mental and physical wellbeing – More than half of adults (60%) and over two-thirds of young people (68%) said that their mental health has got worse during lockdown (survey by mental health charity, Dorset Mind). Getting outside and exploring locally is not only essential for improving our physical health but is also a great way to protect and improve your mental health. Physical activity releases endorphins to help us feel better and also releases cortisol which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, exploring can be a great distraction to give your mind a well needed rest.
  • More sustainable Vehicle led pollution dropped by an average of 50% across major European cities in lockdowns throughout 2020 (as per the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service). There has never been a better time to explore the environments around your home than now. Both to support the sustainable bi-product of lockdowns but also to experience cleaner air.
  • Convenience and cost – While adventures further afield are sorely missed there is no denying that travelling to another country can leave a dent in your wallet and not be completely straight forward. Exploring locally is not only so much more convenient and relaxed but will also save you money.
  • Support local businesses By staying local you will helping out local businesses who need your support more than ever.
  • Spontaneity When you haven’t got to travel far, last minute adventures are always on the table and can be done on a lunch break for that valuable screen break, in an evening or at the weekend.

How to plan for future bigger adventures?

  • Kit Check – If you’re like us then spending a solid hour to lay out your kit, clean it and check for upgrade opportunities is an hour well spent. Indulge your inner gear nerd and write that list, we know you want to.
  • Dream – Unfurl those dog-eared maps, dust off those hiking route guide books and spin up the WhatsApp group. Now is the time to dream, to visualise those mountains you always wanted to climb, to rally your friends and plant the seeds of adventure.
  • Plan – With a little extra time, now is the ideal opportunity to fully research these dreams. Where exactly could you go? How will you get there? What will you do? What is and isn’t realistic? Spend an extra bit of time discovering any unusual and off the beaten track adventures. Planning your next big outdoor adventure is an art and a truly enjoyable experience, what better time to start?

Although it may feel a little like Groundhog Day at times there are so many reasons and ways to make the most of exploring locally and find a new appreciation for where you live. And while you’re doing that allow yourself to dream.

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Please be responsible on your adventures, follow your local COVID-19 guidelines and stay safe.

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