AdventureProof: June-July 2018 Roundup

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Our #OspreyAdventureProof participants have been busy. In the June to July Roundup we hear about living the van-life, curious monkeys and Patagonian wild camping.

#TeamTransporterRed – 72,539 km Travelled

Emma, AKA @ems_worldtravel, was packed and ready to go at the start of June. Equipped with the rugged red Transporter 95, Emma embarked on an Indonesian adventure.

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Emma stopped briefly in Singapore and soaked up the famous city’s architecture and culture. The Supertree Grove and the accompanying light show were special experiences.

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The first Indonesian location was Bali. Emma explored rice paddies at sunrise and dodged monkeys in the jungle (who were more than ready to steal food and even a passport from her bag).

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From Bali, Emma travelled to Java to find the very spot that had inspired her to take this trip. The journey included a trek and some mountainous terrain. From here, Emma moved between Sumatra and Bali, exploring waterfalls and jungles.

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#TeamTransporterBlue – 90,122 km Travelled

Tim, AKA @tim_theferret, was packed and ready to go by the end of May. He, and the Blue Transporter 95, would be travelling to Argentina to experience the beauty and challenges of Patagonia.

The first major trek was El Chalten. This difficult route boasts some amazing wild camping spots but challenges the hiker with elevation, bitter winds and low temperatures to reach them.

After Chalten, Tim arrived in the city of Ushuaia. The city had a lot of stories to tell. From the Native Indians to the “Prison del Presidio”, not to mention numerous expeditions by Darwin.

From Ushuaia, Tim travelled to Laguna Torre in Los Glacieres National Park. This combined with a hiking trip to Torres de Paine National Park in Chile made for a fantastic end to the journey.

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#TeamTransporterBlack – 74,462 km Travelled

Our 12 month adventurers, Josie and her partner, have now begun their final segment of the adventure; an epic live-in-a-van road trip across the Americas!

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Setting off from Canada, #TeamTransporterBlack travelled through the wild Novia Scotia, camping as they travelled.

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The pair also reached Alberta, which has an incredible variety of landscapes. From mountains to prairies, desert badlands and vast coniferous forests.

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While in the province they were even lucky enough to see their first grizzly bear. This was followed by an anniversary climb, a chance meeting with a chubby chipmunk and canyon hiking.

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