AdventureProof: July-August 2018 Roundup

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Our new July/August #OspreyAdventureProof participants have begun their journeys. We caught up with the adventurers to hear about Bolivian wild camping, sustainable tourism and a new definition for a family holiday.

#TeamTransporterRed – 73,655 km Travelled

Emma, her husband and their infant son AKA @thebackpackingfamily, are well underway on their adventure through central Asia.

On July 14th, Emma and her family set off from Manchester Airport with Almaty as their destination. From here they would spend 2 months travelling through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Their aim? To redefine the term ‘Family Holiday’.

After exploring the mountain views of Kok-Tobe, the family began their hitch-hiking journey through the Kazak Mountains. Hitch-hiking gave them the unique perspective on their surroundings and allowed them to meet the locals.

While in the Kazak Mountains the family spent time in traditional yurts and explored the local culture. Emma shared her thoughts on travelling with her son; “He motivates me to do everything I can to give him a life of exploration and discovery.”

After travelling through Kazak the family explored Bishek before heading back to Almety to start the next phase of their adventure. We’ll be following them into Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in the next AdventureProof update.

#TeamTransporterBlue – 93,345 km Travelled

Giovanni, AKA @Giovfranco, set off on the 24th July to begin his sustainable travel adventure. His aim was, and is, to travel from Milan to Beijing using only sustainable and smart transportation. Giovanni also set a maximum limit of CO2 expenditure, analysing the emissions of all transport used, and has begun measuring the quality of air as he progresses on his journey.


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After 12 hours of travelling on a night train Giovanni arrived at his first stop, Vienna. Here he travelled through the city on his longboard appreciating the local architecture, cuisine and art.


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From Vienna Giovanni travelled to Prague. Here he noted the impact that unsustainable tourism can have on a city. He sought to view the city from a local perspective, immersing himself in culture while finding alternatives to the well-trodden path.


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Following Prague, Giovanni travelled to what is hailed as one of the most sustainable cities in Europe; Berlin. Here he commented: “Berlin is among the greenest cities in the world in many aspects, but one of the most important is the mentality and the awareness of the people. Berliners care for the environment and try to create change.”


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Following Berlin, Giovanni will travel through Poland and Russia on his journey towards Beijing.

#TeamTransporterBlack – 58,799 km Travelled

Josie and her partner, AKA @josie_haugh, have continued their 12 month adventure in their faithful van. We left them travelling through the heartland of Canada.

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Travelling through Banff National Park, the couple had the chance to visit the vibrant blue waters of Peyto Lake, a lake fed by the glaciers of the surrounding mountains. In the summer, suspended rock particles from the glacial flow give the lake a vivid turquoise colour.

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From here the couple hit some bad luck. The hard working little van (that is also their home) broke down. Undeterred, the couple ordered the required parts and waited for it to be fixed. In the meantime they attended a climbing festival in Squamish.

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With the ‘trusty’ van now in a far more trustworthy state, Josie and her partner were ready to hit the road again but instead chose to stick around for a while. While stranded in the Pemberton area they made some friends and even found some temporary work.

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With Pemberton as a base of exploration Josie and her partner now venture out into wilds before they ready up to hit the road once more.

#TeamTransporterLime – 121,172 km Travelled

Our athlete adventures continue! @_jobradshaw, renowned Expedition Leader and Outdoor Instructor, travelled to Bolivia to lead an expedition with an all-girls school. The developmental expedition is aimed at empowering and teaching the girls. Jo acts as mentor, guardian and overall leader throughout the trip.

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After landing in La Paz the group travelled to San Antonio to assist in community work in a school.

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After the community work was completed Jo and the group headed out to Isla del Luna to visit the famous lake and then continued their journey onto El Choro Inca Trail.

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At the El Choro Inca Trail Jo led the group of girls on a trekking and camping trip that wound its way through the mountain paths. Many of the group had never ever trekked before, let alone wild camped in Bolivia!

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The expedition continues with them travelling on to Uyuni salt flats and Potosi mines.


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