The Backsystem is like the engine of the pack, driving what the pack is designed to do. For this reason, the Backsystem should be a significant consideration when choosing your pack.


Our AirScape™ backpanel with foam ridges for comfort and fit set a new industry standard for comfort and performance. AirScape™ keeps the weight close and comfortable whilst providing airflow and is featured on both lightweight daypacks and large backpacking packs.


  1. Yerba Green
    Talon 22
    Out of Stock
  1. Black
    Kestrel 48
    Out of Stock
  1. Icelake Green
    Kyte 36
    As low as 144,00 € Regular Price 180,00 €
    96% of 100


  1. Cypress Green
    Out of Stock
  1. Red Herring
    Out of Stock


The AirSpeed™ ventilated trampoline suspended mesh backpanel creates an air space between the pack and your back, allowing for incredible ventilation and comfort during warmer weather or fast paced activities.


  1. Gator Green
    Stratos 36
    Out of Stock
  1. Sirrus 36
    Sirrus 36
    Out of Stock
  1. Black
    Syncro 12
    As low as 96,00 € Regular Price 120,00 €
    90% of 100


  1. Downdraft Grey
    Sylva 12
    As low as 96,00 € Regular Price 120,00 €
    80% of 100


  1. Mallard Green
    Rook 65
    As low as 180,00 €
    100% of 100


  1. Cinder Grey
    Renn 65
    As low as 180,00 €
    100% of 100


AG AntiGravity™

AG AntiGravity™ is Osprey’s multi-award winning backsystem which combines three-dimensional suspension with a tensioned lumbar support. AG AntiGravity™ provides exceptional weight distribution, allowing the wearer to move as if they aren’t wearing a pack.


  1. Abyss Grey
    Atmos AG 65
    Out of Stock
  1. Aura AG 65
    Aura AG 65
    Out of Stock
  1. Adriondack Green
    Aether AG 60
    Out of Stock
  1. Tidal Blue
    Ariel AG 65
    Out of Stock

PackSizer App

Be sure to pick your pack size to match your back length. This means choosing between Small, Medium, Large or split sizes Small/Medium or Medium/Large. You can use our handy PackSizer App to help you pick the best size for you.

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