Carry-on Luggage for a Summer City Break


Summer city breaks offer an ideal way to see a lot in a short period of time and in some glorious weather. One of the most cost effective ways of doing this is with the ‘carry-on only’ ethos. This means you’re travelling light, avoiding extra baggage costs and focusing only on enjoying the cultural delights of your chosen destination.

The Pack

Your carry-on luggage should be your first consideration. You’ll need something that will easily fit your summer clothes and accessories, conform to EU Carry-on Regulations and meets your individual needs. This can range from needing wheels or a backpack harness to durability or versatility.

The Rolling Transporter Carry-On 38 and women’s specific Transporter Carry-On 44 for example, are great options. With 40 litres of capacity, plenty of organisational pockets, a laptop or tablet sleeve and a scratch-resistant sunglasses pocket, you have more than enough space for all of your gear. It also has the benefit of being carried like a backpack, via a stowable harness, while also boasting a suitcase style opening.

There are plenty more carry-on luggage options you can view here.

  1. Westwind Teal Side
    Rolling Transporter Carry-On 38
    Unisex 38L carry-on wheeled travel pack with laptop sleeve
    Out of Stock
  1. Ruffian Red
    Transporter Carry-On 44
    Unisex 44L carry-on travel duffel with stowable harness and laptop sleeve
    Out of Stock

How to Pack

Packing cubes are your friends. Organised packing with cubes or a garment folder will help you prioritise what you’re taking and assist with compact packing. Ultralight Double Sided Packing Cubes provide organisation while also utilising a breathable mesh to help dry any moist or dirty clothing.


Recommended Packing List

  • Sun Protection – If your summer city break is in a warmer climate then it’s likely you’re going to need sun protection. Essentials include a hat, sunglasses and sun cream
  • T-shirts – If it’s going to be hot and you’re planning to cover some serious city kilometres, then t-shirts with breathable fabrics are best. Synthetic t-shirts wick moisture away and allow it to evaporate while cotton-shirts are comfortable because they absorb the moisture. A few of each type might be recommended
  • Shorts – 1 or 2 pairs of shorts will do the trick!
  • Socks & Underwear – Pack a pair of light trainer socks per day to save weight and space
  • Shoes & Sandals – If you’re heading somewhere casual then sandals are a great compact and light option, otherwise a pair of comfortable trainers or shoes are fine
  • Ultralight Stuff Pack – If you don’t want to head out with your main pack then this ultralight companion will do the job
  • Toiletries & Washbag – A compact washbag, such as the Washbag Carry-On, will hold your toothbrush, toothpaste and other essentials
  1. New
    Shadow Grey
    Ultralight Stuff Pack
    18L lightweight compressible backpack
    As low as €35.00
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  1. Shadow Grey
    Washbag Carry-on Shadow Grey
    Transparent airline carry-on washbag
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