The Backsystem is like the engine of the pack, driving what the pack is designed to do. For this reason, the Backsystem should be a significant consideration when choosing your pack.


Our AirScape™ backpanel with foam ridges for comfort and fit set a new industry standard for comfort and performance. AirScape™ keeps the weight close and comfortable whilst providing airflow and is featured on both lightweight daypacks and large backpacking packs.


  • Yerba Green

    Talon 22

  • Chloroblast Green

    Tempest 20

  • Black

    Kestrel 48

  • Icelake Green

    Kyte 36

  • Cypress Green


  • Red Herring


  • AirSpeed™

    The AirSpeed™ ventilated trampoline suspended mesh backpanel creates an air space between the pack and your back, allowing for incredible ventilation and comfort during warmer weather or fast paced activities.


  • Gator Green

    Stratos 36

  • Sirrus 36

    Sirrus 36

  • Black

    Syncro 12

  • Downdraft Grey

    Sylva 12

  • Mallard Green

    Rook 65

  • Cinder Grey

    Renn 65

  • AG AntiGravity™

    AG AntiGravity™ is Osprey’s multi-award winning backsystem which combines three-dimensional suspension with a tensioned lumbar support. AG AntiGravity™ provides exceptional weight distribution, allowing the wearer to move as if they aren’t wearing a pack.


  • Abyss Grey

    Atmos AG 65

  • Aura AG 65

    Aura AG 65

  • Seaside Blue

    Poco AG Premium

  • Black

    Poco AG

  • Adriondack Green

    Aether AG 60

  • Tidal Blue

    Ariel AG 65

  • PackSizer App

    Be sure to pick your pack size to match your back length. This means choosing between Small, Medium, Large or split sizes Small/Medium or Medium/Large. You can use our handy PackSizer App to help you pick the best size for you.

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