World Earth Day 2021


World Earth Day 2021

Today, 20% of our sales will be donated towards EOCA’s projects tackling climate action

As the world begins to return to normal, climate change and environmental destruction cannot be put on the back burner. A healthy planet is a necessity because we care about the natural world and we live and explore it.

Together, we can Restore Our Earth.


European Outdoor Conservation Association

Partner and environmental charity EOCA funds conservation projects and makes a tangible difference to threatened wild areas, species and habitats. Osprey has maintained a long-term partnership with EOCA as a member and sponsor of several initiatives across Europe and worldwide.

Osprey has been a member of EOCA since 2013 and in that time has taken an active role in supporting our work. Through donating packs to help raise money for new projects, getting involved in helping raise awareness of the organisation’s work, and taking part in initiatives launched by the Association such as its Plastic Pledge at trade shows. Osprey has also funded entire projects themselves, including one protecting birds of prey migrating through a narrow corridor in the Caucasus mountains in Georgia, and another cleaning up obsolete materials such as barbed wire and scrap leftover from WW2 from the French Alps. – EOCA

Green Friday 2020

On Green Friday 2020 your purchases went towards supporting EOCA projects that were clearing plastic and pollution from wild habitats, mountains, trails, beaches, and oceans around the world. 

EOCA’s Plastic Free: Mountain to Sea focus had a target to clear 3,000km from plastic waste – the final figure achieved was 4,183km.

IMG_20200901_135142 copy
Eliminating the use of plastic in mountain huts in the Italian Alps
turtle in fad close up
Cleaning areas of the Mediterranean of fishing nets
EOCA 1 copy
Removing plastic from rivers in Colombia and protected coastline by SUP in Brazil
Getting communities active across Europe to clean up coastlines and mountain trails

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