Osprey Stories: Meeting Our Community

Our backpacks aren’t designed for activities, they’re designed for people. It’s for this reason that we wanted to hear the dreams, the passions and the drive behind why the Osprey community wears Osprey.

Justifying Blisters: Why do Hikers Hike?

72 hours prior to writing this sentence I was nursing blisters after a long day of hiking. I was also listening to a group of badgers snuffle around in the dark, praying they wouldn’t blindly stumble onto my face. I miss those badgers. This is a brief exploration of why hikers put up with blisters and badgers. Why do hikers hike?

An Interview with Dan Milner

Dan Milner is a professional adventure photographer and mountain biker. Shooting mountain biking stories has taken him to some of the world’s most unlikely places, from Ethiopia to Afghanistan. We asked Dan for some insights into his epic career.

A Tribute to Xaver Mayr

It was with deep sadness that we learnt of Osprey Athlete Xaver Mayr’s death in January. We now look to Xari’s life, his passions and achievements, to celebrate this brilliant young man.

An Interview with Nelson Mochilero

We caught up with Blogger, Youtuber and Adventurer Nelson Mochilero. He told us about his passion for exploration, content creation and backpacks.

Mollie Hughes, Reaching for New Heights

Mollie Hughes, Osprey Ambassador, is a 26-year-old British climber who aims to become the youngest Briton, the youngest European woman and the first English woman to summit Everest from both North and South sides.