Your Backpacking Checklist

Packing for a backpacking trip can be a daunting task. Too much gear and you’re likely to feel the weight after the first day. Equally, you need to make sure you have all of your essentials for an enjoyable trip.



Women’s Fit

The shoulder harness is specifically proportioned and designed with varying padding thickness to create an anatomical fit for a woman’s neck, shoulder and chest…

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EU Carry-on

We have a great range of packs which are perfect for flight carry-on. Whether wheeled, on the back or carried by hand, there are hand luggage options to suit every journey…



Osprey Recommends: Travel Destinations

Itching to flee the country? Desperate to absorb some cultural delights? Well, we asked our athletes, ambassadors and Osprey team members for their top travel recommendations.

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5 Stunning British Hiking Routes

If you’re looking for a hiking or short backpacking route we’ve selected 5 of the most stunning trails in the UK.




The Backsystem is like the engine of the pack, driving what the pack is designed to do. For this reason, the Backsystem should be a significant consideration when choosing your pack.


How to Pack your Pack

So you’ve made your mind up and you’re off on an adventure. You’ve decided where you’re going and how long you’re going for. You’ve chosen your pack…


How to Clean Your Pack

Your pack can accompany you on countless adventures, trips around the world and during your day to day activities (or even all of these all at once!)…


How to Fit Your Backpack

A good fit is the difference between those sore ‘hot spots’ on your shoulders and hips after only a day’s hiking and a comfortable month on the trail…



How to Select Your Pack

So you need a pack. You know the activity you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. What you don’t know is which pack is right for you…



How to Clean Your Hydraulics™ Reservoir

A hydration reservoir can be an essential piece of kit for a long (or hot!) hiking and backpacking trip. These useful pieces of kit will keep you hydrated all day but, how do you take care of them?



Mollie Hughes, Reaching for New Heights

Mollie Hughes, Osprey Ambassador, is a 26-year-old British climber who aims to become the youngest Briton, the youngest European woman…

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An interview with Christof Nettekoven

We caught up with Christof Nettekoven, expedition climber. He talked about his passion for not only classic alpinism but also the rich cultural experiences that can be found on an expedition.



An interview with Anne Wangler

We caught up with Anne Wangler; Free skier, nature lover and self-proclaimed travel addict. She talks about how she first entered the skiing world and how skiing, travel and the outdoor is a way of life.


Product News

Award Winning

At Osprey we pride ourselves on heritage, design and innovation. It’s this ethos which has allowed us to win some prestigious awards from some fantastic organisations. Check out some of our proudest achievements with our award winning packs below.


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Osprey Outreach: Shamida Ethiopia

We are very proud and excited to be supporting the charity Shamida Ethiopia. People are a huge part of the Osprey Europe ethos. Pack wearing people make adventures. Pack wearing people define design…


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The Journey is the Reward

Here at Osprey we try to live and work by one underlying ethos. A method of approaching not only the mountains we climb outside but also the mountains of life. Rob Wylie, Managing Director Osprey Europe, explores this mindset below.


Product News

Mike Pfotenhauer on Pack Design

What drives innovation at Osprey? How do the packs move from an idea to reality? Mike Pfotenhauer, Founder and Chief Design at Osprey Packs, talks about his passion for design and the processes he takes when in the studio.