7 Ways to Get Outdoors More


Here’s a list of our top tips to help you easily get outdoors more:

  1. Make a location list

Start  by learning about the interesting outdoor locations around you. Be it a 5 or 50 mile radius, do some research and make a list of all the locations that you’d love to visit. Some greats spots could be unknowingly right by you! Pin this list up and then tick them off one by one throughout the year.


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  1. Start a hobby

It sounds obvious but it’s still worth mentioning. You can increase your time outdoors by picking up a new outdoors hobby such as hiking or biking (two perfect entry level outdoor activities). Hiking has an incredibly low learning curve (it is only walking with style after all!) and can be as strenuous or as easy as you choose to make it. Biking can range from a long planned bike ride or a trip to your closest MTB park.

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  1. Microadventures

Adventure doesn’t have to mean a month-long expedition. A microadventure means getting out on a work night, for a weekend, or for a week on a short adventure. As wild or active as you want it to be, a microadventure is all about experiencing the outdoors in a new way and fitted to your schedule. Alastair Humphreys coined the term and has lived, promoted and documented his own, and others, microadventures for several years now.

Check out his guide to getting started.

  1. Active commute

For some, an active commute will be a great way to get outside and do some exercise. Cycling or walking can be improved by taking the ‘scenic route’ through parks and green areas. If your commute is a little longer then there’s nothing stopping you from parking a little further away and finishing with a walk.

5 Reasons to be an Active Commuter

  1. Park clear up/ beach clean

If you’re looking to get outside and have a positive influence on the environment then this is a great option. Check with your local council, your local green groups or with the national and international protection groups to see how you can volunteer.

Tempest Cleaning up the Alps

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  1. Have a ‘No Tech’ day

Rather than an outdoor activity this is more of a mechanism to get yourself outside. For a single day, try ditching the TV, the phone, the cameras and any tech that might distract you. You could use it as an opportunity to run a new route or take the entire family out for hike. It’s also the perfect time to review and pursue points 1, 2, 3 or 5!

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  1. Gear up!

The last point is one centred around your gear. If you have the gear ready for all of your  activities then you’re more likely to be proactive with your outdoor time. This includes getting the right kit for your hobbies but also means being prepared for different types of weather and conditions. After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only poor preparation.


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