Hiking Life Hacks to Improve Your Next Trip


We’ve compiled a list of 7 useful hiking life hacks for your next hiking trip. From taking care of your feet to space-saving tips for your pack, there’s sure to be something here that will help you while out on the trail.

1. Love your feet (with petroleum jelly)

Your feet are your biggest asset when it comes to hiking and backpacking. They are the vehicle that will carry you along your trail and the means for your exploration. It’s for this reason that you need to take care of your feet and a great way of doing that is with Petroleum Jelly. Massage your feet with the jelly when you wake up and before you go to bed. The jelly helps protect your feet from friction generated blisters whilst the massage tackles achy muscles and cramps.

2. Take your time

It seems obvious but it still needs to be said; give yourself enough time to rest and soak it all in. It’s understandably tempting to push your daily kilometre count up. You’ll feel like you can achieve your goal faster or fit more in. After a long day of hiking you might want to avoid an early start, but getting up as the sun is rising gives you not only an unique perspective on the world around you but also gives you more time to enjoy the journey.

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3. Pack the smart way

Packing not only affects weight distribution and therefore carry comfort, but also accessibility in your bag. We’ve written an entire blog that explains the basics of how to pack your bag for a hiking or backpacking trip.

4. Re-pack your own foods to save space

Your food is the energy that keeps you moving and the pick-me-up when the going gets tough, but everything you carry comes at a cost of weight and space. By packing your own food into small bags and boxes you can remove the excess air from the packaging and therefore save space. Depending on the foods you carry, there is also an opportunity for small amounts of weight saving.

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5. Wet boots? This will help!

Wet boots are often unavoidable by the end of the day, but putting wet boots back on your feet shouldn’t be. Stuff your wet hiking boots with balls of old newspaper and place them somewhere dry and warm. The thin paper will wick away moisture from the inside of your boots, giving you a good chance of getting them dry before you set off the next day.

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6. Hydration reservoir rather than bottle

Regular hydration is integral while hiking or backpacking. You’ll need plenty of water (which means additional weight) in order to stay safe and comfortable on your trip. A hydration reservoir, placed into the hydration sleeve of a pack, gives you an easily accessible, weight reduced way of carrying water. You’ll no longer need to stop and start to grab your water and you’ll be able to leave those clunky aluminium bottles at home.

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  • 7. Don’t just learn the route, learn the journey

    It’s tempting to get wrapped up in the logistics of a trip, fine-tuning your itinerary and memorising maps. This is important to keep you safe and get the most out of your trip but there’s always more to a hike than the route itself. Take time to learn about the history of the area you’re walking. Learn a few basics about the natural environment around you. There is so much to learn on every trip and a little bit of homework ahead of time will make your experience so much more fulfilling and enjoyable.

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    What hiking life hacks do you use? Comment your hiking and backpacking tips below.

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    2 responses to “Hiking Life Hacks to Improve Your Next Trip

    • Sabine - Wildernissen

      29 September 2018

      Try making your own airdried trailmeals. There are many examples on the internet. An airdryer and vacuummachine is needed.

      It wil help reduce weight en it tastes better. And a homemade energiebar is very helpfull to keep you going.

      Cacaopowder for a hot cup of chocalatemilk is very rewarding after a day of hiking. It wil defenitly give you a boost.

      Dry bags to store your equipment is a real time- and spacesaver. You wil know exactly were everything is.

      Greetings Jeroen and Sabine

      • Osprey Europe

        1 October 2018

        Hi Jeroen and Sabine,

        Repacking your own food and airdrying it is a clever way of not only saving space but also having tasty snacks for your journey and homemade energy bars also sound great for keeping you going.

        Nothing is better than a satisfying cocoa after a long day on the trail; a nice cup when you are relaxing at the end of the day, possibly watching the sunset is a priceless experience.

        Packing smart is one of the best ways of getting the most out of the space that you have. Although it is great to enjoy the scenery as you go, sometimes you have a destination to get to and not being organised can slow you down meaning that you won’t make your destination in time to enjoy it in all its glory.

        There are some really great ideas here, thank you for your sharing!

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