AdventureProof: February-April 2018 Roundup

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Our #OspreyAdventureProof participants have been busy. In the February to April Roundup we hear about volcano explosions, sprawling temples and motor-home restoration.

#TeamTransporterRed – 40,660 km Travelled

After an arduous journey through Mexico and onto Guatamala, Felix of #TeamTransportRed arrived in the Quetzaltenango region to study violent volcano eruptions and gases emitted with UV camera equipment.

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The Santiaguito Volcano in particular lived up to his expectations. The volcano produced regular eruptions and allowed Felix to look at the sulphur dioxide and ash content of the plume. The aim was to study why explosions occur rather than slower lava flows and fumaroles.

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Much like the local wildlife, Felix had to haul large amounts of gear across often difficult terrain. The tough and spacious Transporter 95 was invaluable in these circumstances.

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With footage and data collected, Felix’s trip came to an end. To round up his trip he said: “This is a shot from an explosion at Santiaguito Volcano, and I hope you can imagine why I am doing this job. It’s all for this moment of feeling so small.”

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#TeamTransporterBlue – 58,056 km Travelled

Michael Zimmermann, of #TeamTransporterBlue, left Vietnam and arrived in Cambodia. His plans were to take a deep dive into the rich Cambodian culture and complex history.

The Angkor Wat temple was a key highlight on Michael’s trip. The temple complex is the largest religious monument in the world, sprawling 402 acres. The 900 year old temple was originally constructed as a Hindu place of worship, dedicated to the god Vishnu, but later changed to the Buddhist religion. It is an important aspect of Cambodian culture and actually features on the national flag.

Southeast of the Elephant Mountains lies Kampot. The city sits on the Praek Tuek Chhu river and is an ideal location for access to the Dâmrei and Bokor Mountains. Here, Michael took the time to experience Cambodian vistas via boat on a sunset cruise.

Michael’s Southeast Asian Adventure led him through jungles, mountains, rivers and beaches, revealing the vibrant and rich culture of these two famous countries.

#TeamTransporterBlack – 58,799 km Travelled

Josie and her partner, of #TeamTransporterBlack, finished up the Southeast Asian segment of their 12 month trip in Phnom Penh. This bustling city is the capital of Cambodia and was once labelled ‘The Pearl of Asia’, due to its distinctive mix of beautiful architecture.

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Josie and her partner now take a brief moment of respite before continuing their 12 month journey with a road trip across Canada and America. In between rest there is still plenty to do though. Josie has been working hard putting the finishing touches to the trusty van that will be their home for the entire road trip.

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#TeamTransporterLime – 68,770 km Travelled

The #OspreyAthlete team, #TeamTransporterLime, continues with Gabriella Edebo, skier and ski Journalist.

Gabi has been finishing up the ski season in Sweden, skiing groomers on fantastic conditions.


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