A Tribute to Xaver Mayr

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It was with deep sadness that we learnt of Osprey Athlete Xaver Mayr’s death in January. We now look to Xari’s life, his passions and achievements, to celebrate this brilliant young man.

Xari?! Where are you? Xari? We are looking for you like a mother hen. Our chick has gone. You were one of the strongest, fast as lightning and without fear. Sometimes your eyelids drooped in theory classes but on the mountain you were wide awake and present. In recent months the chick fluff has begun to give way to the first feathers. More and more frequently you have beaten your wings. You were on the way to becoming a mountain guide and thus noticeably a bit more grown-up for us.

Coming of age, unfortunately will not happen for you anymore. Instead you have shown us how valuable each of our minutes are. The memory of your laughter teaches us, with tears in our eyes, the preciousness of time. In the intensive design of your time, you were always right at the front, the drive you had on your way not seen in many people. The search for you is over now, it is certain … our chick has died in an avalanche.

– Friend and fellow climber, Peter Albert

At the age of 22, Xari was already a talented figure in the alpinism scene. In 2013 he became the youngest member of the German Alpine Club Expedition Team (DAV Expederkader ) and boasts several first ascents of some of the most challenging climbs worldwide.


In August 2014, Xaver Mayr and the team, performed a challenging first ascent in the Bergeller Alps Italy. They name the route ‘Via Disomogenea’, or ‘Uneven Way’.


In 2015, the DAV Expederkader travelled to Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan, to attempt several first ascents. After acclimatization, Xaver and the team were able to climb two summits within a week, the Otkrytyj (5664m) and the Tehglavyj (5250m).


In 2016, he redeveloped a Northwest Face route of the Wetterstein, creating a 300m, VIII first redpoint ascent. Respecting the existing route, to maintain its character, and using the natural structure of the wall, Xari completed this on the first attempt.

A Tribute to Xaver Mayr

In 2017, as well as climbing in Scotland UK, and soloing the Wetterstein, Zugspitze massif, south, Xaver and the team also took an expedition to Ogre III, Pakistan. This colossal climb took the team to 6200m in snow, ice and freezing winds.

As a passionate and talented climber, and a member of the Osprey Family, he will be sorely missed. His dedication to the outdoor industry, his work testing Osprey packs and his extremely positive outlook will leave a lasting mark with us all.


Xaver Mayr

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