Project Possible: Nims Summits K2


At 0440hrs GMT, 24/07/19, Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja MBE summited Pakistan’s challenging K2 as part of Project Possible’s Phase 2. This is the 10th Mountain in Nims’ world record breaking attempt to climb 14 x 8,000m high peaks in only 7 months. A record that was previously set at almost 8 years.

Preparing for the Ascent

If I say I’m not nervous at all about leading the summit fixing team on K2, then I’m lying.

I have seen the video clips and the images and I’m fully aware of the risks. I also know that some great climbers who I look up to have given up.

My career within the UKSF / SBS has taught me so many things. I’m used to taking risks. On operations it was always a 2 way range. I knew the bullets could hit me at any moment but I pushed forwards mitigating the risks.

I have now completed 9 x 8,000m peaks this season, making countless difficult decisions but always keeping myself and my team safe.


As I said if it was only for my project, I would have climbed Broad Peak and then followed the rest of the climbers on K2 but once again this isn’t only about me. When I rocked up at K2 base camp I found most teams leaving, the remaining climbers only stayed because they thought my team had a chance of fixing ropes to the summit. I have made the decision to hit K2.

Early tomorrow morning, I will make a move to C2 with my team, the next day C4 and then will start fixing from 2200hrs on the 23rd. The summit plan is to stand on top of K2 by 1200hrs at the latest on the 24th.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who’s been following my story and supporting me so far. Without your support, I wouldn’t be here.

– Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja MBE

K2 Summit Report

At 0440hrs GMT 24/07/19, Nims and his team executed the final steps of this plan and stood atop K2.

At 8,611 metres above sea level, K2 is the second highest mountain in the world (only 200m+ behind Everest) and represents a colossal milestone and achievement in Nims’ journey.

On summiting K2 Nims said:

Once again the Project Possible team made the impossible possible, as a result of positive mindset with utmost determination, teamwork and leadership. Thank you for all for your immense support.


Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja MBE

Former special forces operator Nirmal Purja MBE, or ‘Nims’ has spent the last 16 years serving in the military, 10 of which were in the discrete and secretive world of the UK’s Special Forces. However, in 2019 he left the military and for the first time can tell the stories of an extraordinary career. Nims is an extraordinary mountaineer who, because of his physiology, training, mindset and sheer humanity, is capable of achieving things beyond even the most experienced climber.

In March 2019 Nims travelled back to the Himalayas to take on the most epic challenge of his life. His aim is to break more than 7 speed world records on mountains above 8,000m; the most challenging being climbing all the 14 x 8,000m peaks in 7 months in order to establish a paradigm shift in the perception of human potential.


WIN an Aether or Ariel Pro

To celebrate Nims’ successful summit of K2 we’re giving away one Aether Pro or Women’s specific Ariel Pro, the pack that Nims carried during his ascent, a Project Possible T-shirt and a Project Possible hat.

The Aether Pro and Ariel Pro are tough yet light packs designed for adventures where dependability is key. Completely stripped down, streamlined and svelte, the Aether Pro 70 and Ariel Pro 65 are made for type-two adventures that span days or months; alpine climbing expeditions with remote basecamps, or boundary-pushing long-distance hikes through unknown landscapes where the only trail is the one you make.

The competition commences midday 24/07/19 and will end 31/07/19 at midnight.

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13 responses to “Project Possible: Nims Summits K2

  • Kiran


    Sounds really good stuff for mountaineering rearing 5 out of 5.

  • Kiran


    project possible Nims he is legend and his project is beyond the imagination. I heard this year no one will summit the K2 mountain due to weather conditions but Nims has done it👊👊👊.

  • Prakriti


    Awesome Nims… wish him and project possible all the best.

  • Vijaykumar M


    Absolute legend. Taking Mountaineering into another level

  • Joe Schneider


    Have been following Nims’ progress since he took his first speed records. This man is incredible and deserves everything coming to him. Osprey has been an industry leader in innovation and stands for only the best in the products they bring to the market. If Nims is endorsing this one, I would love nothing more than to put this pack to the test myself. Many congratulations to Nims, Mingma, Project Possible & SST teams! The best is yet to come!

  • Basilio


    Galáctico ¡¡¡¡¡

  • Shiva Kishore


    Today is Nirmal’s Birthday and next year onwards wish we celebrate it as landmark for eight thounsanders.

  • christophe aubry


    I have followed nims dai since the beginning. Fantastic journey and fantastic climber .

  • Bishnu


    Congrats Nims Dai and the team

  • Dil


    Awesome guy, met him while I was in Afghan Tour and learn about him and his ambition which I was baffled and still doing amazing things. All the best to you Nims Dai and to your team too.

  • Anshu


    NIms (Nirmal Purja) is one of the leading and emerging mountaineer on the planet today.
    He has been breaking mountaineering records ever since he began climbing and made the speed record in 2017.
    Proper equipment can mean the difference between life and death in the mountains.
    Osprey has been at the forefront of outdoor and adventure equipment since 1974.
    This partnership between Nims and Osprey is a great example of synergy between man and equipment.
    Shared values and spirit between the company and the man.
    I wish Nims success for all his future climbs and also his numerous social causes.

  • Prem


    Following him since he stepped out first to race of project possible 14/7
    He is a Beast
    The legend himself

  • Lal Kaji Gurung


    Good luck Nims, you have made us all proud; representing British Army, UK SF and most importantly Brigade of Gurkhas with of course the countries Nepal/ UK. Jai Gurkhas!

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