Mollie Hughes, Reaching for New Heights

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Mollie Hughes, Osprey Ambassador, is a 26-year-old British climber who aims to become the youngest Briton, the youngest European woman and the first English woman to summit Everest from both North and South sides.

Over the past two years, Mollie has undertaken intense preparation and training, including training in the mountains close to her home in Scotland. To assist in her training Mollie has worn a Tempest 30 for hiking and our Variant 52 for alpine ascents.

Speaking about her training Mollie said:

“Osprey packs are a constant training companion of mine. If I am climbing, running or cycling I always have an Osprey pack with me. I even take my Mountaineering pack into the gym with me for strength training!”

After leaving the UK for Tibet, Mollie will begin acclimatisation and preparation at base camp. To aid her, the Variant 52 will accompany Mollie on her second attempt at the climb. As well as this main pack Mollie will also be utilising our soon to be released New Transporter duffel and a host of accessories to get her to base camp. Mollie will aim to summit Everest towards the end of May, braving some of the harshest climbing conditions imaginable.

We asked Mollie about her expedition kit and she said:

“My Osprey packs and accessories are going to be a great benefit to me for my Everest 2017 expedition. On Everest I have to rely on and trust my kit to a huge extent, it’s my lifeline. The packs I have chosen to take are all designed with a close attention to detail, they’re rugged and strong and I can’t wait to use them on the mountain.”

The entire Osprey team wishes Mollie the best of luck in her journey and climb and is proud to be associated with such a talented young female climber.

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