Introduction to Map Reading with OS Maps

Maps are important for both planning and for undertaking your hiking or backpacking trip. They provide valuable information about routes, elevation and even landmarks to be noticed along the way. We’ve teamed up with OS Maps to provide you with an introduction to map reading.

New Spring 19

Spring 19 raises the benchmark in Backpacking and heralds a new era for Hydration packs. We’ve also introduced a versatile Multi-Sport category that is ideal for Biking, Running and Hiking.

Skarab & Skimmer: Utility Vehicle

Daypacks with an intuitive design, Skarab is a simple, stylish hiking companion. Equipped with a rain-cover and AirScape™ Backsystem, the Skarab balances an essential feature set against a refreshingly clean aesthetic.

Backpacking with Rook & Renn: Designed for Adventure

With a simple, progressive design, the Rook & Renn are built for backpacking comfort and fit. Combining a high level of adjustability, an integrated raincover and an innovative, ventilated backsystem, these packs will rise to every challenge.

Kestrel & Kyte: Off the Grid

With a proven legacy, the Kestrel is a rugged, high performance backpack for long trips. Whether trekking through mountainous terrain, deep forests or winding trails, you will be carrying the definitive benchmark in backpacking.

Christmas Gift Guide

We’ve compiled our best packs and accessories into a gift guide that has something for every sort of outdoor explorer or traveller. From hiking and backpacking to adventure travel and the everyday, there’s a lifetime of adventure to be gifted from our selections below.

Levity & Lumina: Your Weight Has Ended

The ultralight Levity & Lumina utilises NanoFly™ fabric and comes equipped with an AirSpeed™ ventilated trampoline suspended mesh backsystem. This provides a multi-day backpacking pack ideal for experienced trekkers looking to drop those grams.

Fall 18

Osprey draws upon four decades of experience to evolve packs for alpine climbing, gear hauling adventures and leisure travel.