AdventureProof: January-February 2018 Roundup

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In the January-February 2018 Roundup we catch up with our #OspreyAdventureProof participants to get the latest updates on their international adventures.

#TeamTransporterRed – 22,485 km Travelled

In January, Felix von Aulock took a break from his Post Doctoral Research position at the University of Liverpool and began his journey to Mexico, picking up #TeamTransportRed’s Transporter 95. As a Volcanologist, his aim was to study the eruptions of active volcanos in the area.

His trip began with an arduous, and slightly hampered, journey to Volcan Santa Maria. With some equipment delayed, the team had to work hard to make up time and begin their expedition. They arrived at Volcan Santa Maria ready to explore.

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Felix and the team moved on to Volcan el Ceboruco where they studied lava domes together with some great students from the Universidad de Colima.

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The next part of Felix’ journey takes him into Guatemala, to Quetzaltenango, where the violent eruptions and gases emitted will be studied with UV camera equipment.

#TeamTransporterBlue – 31,496 km Travelled

Michael Zimmermann took over from #TeamTransporterBlue and prepared to commence his South East Asian adventure. Michael began by heading to Vietnam to explore the culture and history of this vibrant country.

After landing in Hanoi and soaking up the sights and sounds of the city, Michael headed out to Sapa to explore the Vietnamese rural life. Here he had a chance meeting with another Osprey fan who joined him for his treks through rice paddies and stunning waterfalls.

From here, Michael explored rivers, ruins, jungles and temples, travelling the full length of Vietnam.

The next stage of Michael’s journey takes him to Cambodia where he will be taking a deep dive into the country’s history while travelling the winding jungle trails.

#TeamTransporterBlack – 13,060 km Travelled

Our 12 month adventurers, headed up by Josie, have been extremely busy. After scaling mountains in New Zealand, the team have travelled to Vietnam via Australia.

Once in Vietnam, the team wound their way up to Laos via sleeper buses, motorbikes and boat. A highlight was the epic tour from Da Lat to Na Trang.

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After arriving in Laos, #TeamTransporterBlack travelled from Muang Khua to Nong Khiaw by boat down the Nam Ou river. Although they spent much of their time using a bucket to bail water out of the boat, they did experience stunning views along the way.

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2018 holds expeditions to New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia and finally the epic van road trip which will take them from Canada to South America.

#TeamTransporterLime – 33,406 km Travelled

The #OspreyAthlete team, #TeamTransporterLime, continues with Gabriella Edebo, Skier and Ski Journalist.

Gabi has begun her adventure by touring southern Europe with stops in south France, Switzerland and Germany. Recently she finished skiing the slopes of Chamonix before heading back to Sweden.


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