Our aim is to become the most progressive, transparent and sustainable outdoor hardgoods brand worldwide.


Our sustainability journey began in 1974, with the creation of our first backpacking pack.

By designing high quality, durable backpacks that are built to last, we have always sought to minimise the quantity of material that goes to landfill and protect the very environments that our packs are designed for.

This ethos has been paired with an ongoing belief in sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our All Mighty Guarantee ensures that wherever possible, packs will be repaired and sent back into the outdoors, extending the lifespan and ensuring future adventures. Our SecondLife programme refurbishes pre loved packs and puts them back into the hands of new adventurers.


At Osprey we are dedicated to the outdoors. A key approach of our sustainability strategy is the protection and conservation of all natural environments.

We have maintained a long-term partnership with EOCA as a member and sponsor of several initiatives across Europe and worldwide. From clearing man-made structures from mountainous habitats to bird of prey conservation efforts, we are always looking for ways to protect the environments for future generations to enjoy.

Most recently, we have partnered with the Nimsdai Foundation which has been established to give back to the mountain communities of the Himalayas; supporting educational, technological, and capacity-building initiatives which will guide the way for climbers of the future.


Since our 2020 pledge to become the most progressive, transparent and sustainable hard goods brand worldwide we have introduced new processes and new ways of thinking.

We have overhauled our CSR approach while developing new sustainable products and manufacturing processes. By Spring 2022, over 60% of main body materials will use recycled content with 65% of those main body materials being bluesign® approved. We have also diverted over 21,471 lbs of waste through Renewal Workshop partnership from ending up in a landfill. These are just a few important areas that we will continue to innovate and evolve.

Sustainability can be high-tech, leading-edge innovation that performs at or above the previous standard

Mark Galbraith
Sr. Director of Product, Osprey Packs