A Guide to Hiking in Bad Weather

The most important advice for hiking, especially in bad weather, is preparation. From researching the route to packing the correct gear, your preparation will determine whether your trip is enjoyable and successful.

How to Select the Right Volume for You

Choosing your pack is an important process. It’s going to be your closest companion for many of your outdoor activities and often needs to be versatile to suit your specific needs. A big part of this choice is the volume your pack can hold.

How to Clean Your Hydration Reservoir

A hydration reservoir can be an essential piece of kit for a long (or hot!) hiking and backpacking trip. These useful pieces of kit will keep you hydrated all day but, how do you clean your hydration reservoir?


The Backsystem is like the engine of the pack, driving what the pack is designed to do. For this reason, the Backsystem should be a significant consideration when choosing your pack.

How to Select Your Backpack

You know what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it but what pack? A quick search reveals pages of results and differing types of kit; backpacks, rucksacks, hiking packs, day packs, biking packs, everyday packs…the list is long. Here is a quick overview to help you find your perfect pack.

How to Pack your Backpack

You’ve chosen your pack, now it’s time to load it up and hit the trail. Whether it’s your first time adventuring on a multi-day backpacking trip or your thousandth, you’ll still need to cover the basics of what and how to pack your backpack.