Christof Nettekoven


Christof Nettekoven

Christof is a German expedition climber, alpinist explorer and devourer of cultural variety around the world. Christof has led expeditions to 5 first ascents in the past 5 years alone. Apart from unclimbed peaks the pristine culture of mountain tribes along the way fascinate him the most. His documentary “Afghanistan´s Secret Peaks/Das andere Afghanistan” about Afghan nomads has been shown at several recent film festivals.


How did you first get into exploring/mountaineering?

The challenges and adventures of the greats who went before me are my real inspiration. The idea of mountaineering expeditions is the desire to discover and to explore remote places. It’s about the blank spaces on the map with nameless unclimbed mountains at the end of the world. But an expedition is not only focused on an unclimbed summit, it’s also the journey into far away regions and remote places with interesting people, traditions and culture. This unspoiled cultural experience is as important to me as the pure climb itself. That’s why I do it.

What is the most challenging or rewarding expedition you have achieved?

Since my preferred expedition targets always have to include two things, unclimbed peaks and fascinating culture of mountain tribes, there are two different kinds of reward.

As a cultural highlight, I consider the time living with Pamir nomads on the Wakhan high plateau in Afghanistan! The climbing was not the most challenging, but the experience with the local people was amazing.

What are your aspirations for 2018?

Last year, by accident I stumbled upon my latest mountain range target. During the research I was tapping all sources and networks and it turned out that another team had the same idea. It also turned out that we shared a common friend in my team. So, instead of competing for the same mountain target, in a race that nobody really wants, we agreed to join forces. Mountaineering should never be a competition between climbers. At the most it is a competition within yourself, against your own limits.

So now, in 2018, I am honoured to share the next tour with some climbers from another generation, names of those I only read in books and reports. I can only learn from their rich generation-spanning experience.

Christof’s Osprey

Atmos AG 65

For a long expedition, I prefer the Atmos AG 65. It offers the volume to carry a lot of gear, with great organisation, accessibility and durability. For heavy loads and hot temperatures the suspended AntiGravity backsystem together with the fully ventilated hipbelt make it a very comfortable backpack!

If I’m climbing and need to go light I always reach for the Mutant 38. It has a slim design which is great for climbing but still provides all the important features, such as the integrated helmet storage and removable top lid.


Career Highlights

  • 2009 – Iran, Alborz range, Mt. Damavand 5.610m
  • 2010 – Bolivia, Andes, Cordillera Sud Lipez/Uturuncu 6.020m, Cordillera Occidental/Licancabur 5.920m, Cordillera Real/Huayna Potosi 6.088m
  • 2011 – Pakistan, Karakorum, Ghujerab range, Koh-e-Brobar 6.008m, first ascent
  • 2012 – Afghanistan, Little Pamir/Wakhan Corridor, Koh-e- 5.725m, first ascent. Won the prize “Globetrotter of the Year 2012”
  • 2013 – Pakistan, Karakorum, Shuijerab range, Koh-e-Gulistan, 6.224m, first ascent
  • 2014 – China, Karakorum, Aghil range, Xiao Kangri 6.102m, first ascent
  • 2015 – Premiere of the expedition documentary “Afghanistan´s Secret Peaks – das andere Afghanistan”
  • 2016 – Pakistan, Karakorum, Panmah Muztagh, Porok Ri 6.020m and Nera Peak 6.143m first ascents