Osprey Stories: Meeting Our Community


Our backpacks aren’t designed for activities, they’re designed for people. It’s for this reason that we wanted to hear the dreams, the passions and the drive behind why the Osprey community wears Osprey.

“What does adventure mean to you?”

This seemingly simple question can mean so much and in so many different ways. From the cultures we experience to the landscapes we travel through, every individual has their own unique take on adventure.

“Why I chose Osprey?”

Our backpacks are often our best friends. They experience our highs and lows on the trail (sometimes literally if hiking through elevation), carrying our day to day lives for us. We asked our community why they chose Osprey for this important job.

“What is one word that describes Osprey?”

There are many words we use to describe our packs. Innovative. Quality. Durable. But our packs are made for you. We wanted to hear how our community describes Osprey in a single word (or a few words for those who couldn’t help themselves!).

Our Community Choices
  • Yerba Green

    Talon 22

  • Chloroblast Green

    Tempest 20

  • Cayenne Red

    Escapist 25

  • Firebelly Red

    Syncro 20

  • Rainforest Green

    Fairview 55

  • Diablo Red

    Porter 46

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