AdventureProof: September-October 2017 Roundup

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#TeamTransporterRed – 8,004 km Travelled

In October, Sophie Neary departed The Isle of Wight, a small British island, to make a journey of over 8000 km. Her destination was the stunning mountains of Nepal.

Landing in Kathmandu, Sophie travelled to the foot of the Annapurna Circuit to complete the renowned trekking route. After days of hiking and reaching an elevation of 3,780m, Sophie enjoyed a well-deserved cup of tea with an incredible view.

Her journey continued as she trekked to the Throng La Pass, the highest point on the Annapurna Circuit. On her final ascent, she woke up at 3am to reach the top of the 5,416m mountain by 9am.

After completing the gruelling descent, Sophie packed up her kit into her trusty red Transporter 95 and took a flight across the Himalayas to begin her next adventure. A journey to Everest Base Camp.

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#TeamTransporterBlue – 31,496 km Travelled

Expedition doctor and experienced adventurer, Clare Connelly (AKA Doc Gone Wild), began her journey in the Alsace region of France.

Exploring autumnal vineyards and sampling local cuisines, Clare prepared her kit for the Tanzanian trek that would carry her to one of the most famous peaks in the world.

Setting off on the Lemosho Route, Clare began her climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak. Considered the most scenic of routes on Kilimanjaro, the Lemosho stretches 80 km and reaches a height of 5,895m. Clare successfully climbed this route and summited Kilimanjaro earlier this month.

Not satisfied with a mere Kilimanjaro climb, Clare and her rugged blue Transporter 95 have most recently visited Nepal. She completed a tour of the Annapurna, hiking through stunning landscapes, fluttering prayer flags and welcoming villages.

#TeamTransporterBlack – 13,060 km Travelled

Finally, our 12 month adventurers have been busy. They began their journey in Bangkok, Thailand, exploring a city renowned for its vibrant street life.

Following the sights, smells and tastes of the bustling city they ventured north via the Khao Yai National Park to explore waterfalls and befriend inquisitive monkeys.

A highlight of this segment of the journey was the experience of the famous Loy Kathrong, or Festival of Light. This festival is celebrated all over Thailand during the full moon night of the 12th lunar month.

After experiencing this beautiful festival, the pair have crossed the border into Malaysia where they will head to Kuala Lumpur.

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2018 holds expeditions to New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia and finally the epic van road trip which will take them from Canada to South America.

#TeamTransporterLime – 33,406 km Travelled

Jerome Clementz, Osprey Athlete and Enduro Rider, set out for the mountains of Nepal. His aim? To ride the steep Upper Mustang region, and absorb as much of the local culture as possible.

To date, Jerome has travelled over 33,406 km, riding peaks up to 6000m.


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