Mind, body and goals with Rock2Recovery, Jason Fox and Jamie Sanderson


We’ve teamed up with Rock2Recovery, a community interest company founded by Jamie Sanderson and Jason Fox to help inspire you to stay on top of your goals and maintain an optimistic outlook during times of difficulty. From staying in touch with family and friends, to keeping physically active and exploring yoga and mindfulness, Rock2Recovery, Jason and Jamie share their advice on getting through the tough times.

What is R2R

Rock2Recovery was set up to save and change the lives of those in the Armed Forces and Emergency Service communities who are affected by stress and trauma. Their approach is to inspire, coach and motivate towards a positive future and help individuals learn how to cope with and overcome the effects of stress.

“Rock 2 Recovery was born out of a necessity to help others from our own experience with mental health” explains co-founder Jason. “For Jamie and I, the outdoors played such an important part as we were ultimately forged in the outdoors, in the wild and that is where we need to get back to eventually.

It’s such an important part of the healing process, of the reset, we believe, humans need. The community we hope to continue to build with the amazing support of Osprey Europe is an integral part of what Rock 2 Recovery is all about.”

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How can people overcome the challenges they may face in the current climate?

People face many challenges when working from home or living in isolation. These can include financial worries, sticking to a routine, avoiding distractions, staying motivated and dealing with loneliness. To help overcome these, R2R advises that first and foremost, we must find ways to keep talking – this could be using platforms like Zoom, Skype and group chats, or just taking the time to call a friend or relative each day. A change in situation can even provide the opportunity to explore new hobbies and interests like yoga, learning a new language or practising mindfulness.

“This is your mind, no one else’s” says R2R co-founder Jamie. “So learn it, understand it, manage it, organise it, quieten it, challenge it, focus it and believe in it. Because when you get it working for you and not against you, life changes. Do more of what works for you and less of what doesn’t and the best version of you is heading your way. Grow you in mind, body and spirit. Choose positive change because I believe this is always possible.”

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What impact does staying active have?

Healthy, disciplined life styles play a huge part in good mental agility. Getting active can reduce anxiety and stress, combat low mood and increase self-esteem. It helps you to feel good on the inside and out.

A regular exercise routine provides a solid focus for the day, just make sure it suits your needs so that it isn’t a chore but something that you enjoy. The science behind exercising, endorphins, building of mental and physical strength have long since been discussed and R2R encourage people to participate in very regular activity. Finding your style of exercise is important so that you feel that sense of achievement and enjoyment.

The benefits of taking in the magnificence of the world in which we live, stopping and admiring nature in all its beauty and harnessing it in our minds eye can play a very powerful part in someone’s healing.

So, next time you, or someone you know doesn’t seem quite themselves, grab your pack, get outside and walk and talk. You might just change the way you think.


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Photo Credit to Matt Hardy

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