Osprey Partners with Gift Your Gear, Outdoor Youth Charity


We’ve been working with the Gift Your Gear charity to provide backpacks to the youth organisations that need them most. The aim? To empower young people to get outdoors and minimise landfill waste at Osprey.

Gift Your Gear, led by Sarah Howcroft, collects surplus outdoor equipment directly from outdoor brands and puts them into the hands of the organisations that need them most. This includes traditional outdoor groups, such as Scouts, but also includes organisations that support some of the most vulnerable children and young adults in the country.


After hearing about Sarah’s work we have been providing surplus sample backpacks and refurbished packs to Gift Your Gear for over two years. To date, over 400 packs have been sent back into the outdoors with a range of organisations. We recently got chance to catch up with Sarah on the impact that donations like these have:

“It is hugely important to empower vulnerable, developing children and young adults to get outside and experience everything our country has to offer. These are organisations and individuals who, without assistance, would not be able to afford the kit that allows them to have these amazing experiences.”

We’re committed to minimising the waste that we produce when designing and building our packs. Gift Your Gear helps us to do this by placing our surplus backpacks into the hands of next generation of explorers.

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