Forged in the Wild


Jason Fox
Forged In the wild

To escape to the wilderness is to break free from confinement. It is to be released from the control of the city and reach new heights in both body and mind. It is to become forged in the wild. Osprey ambassador, Jason Fox shares his thoughts on what forged in the wild means to him.

Being in the outdoors made me

Peace in the wild

Heading into the wild is a liberating experience. I immediately feel a sense of calm and belonging. If I had to describe what the outdoors is to me I would say it is a place of emotional safety away from the pressures of everyday life.

It’s about exploring unexpected paths, similar to everyday life in many ways. Sometimes the journey is full of twists and turns that takes me to dark spots, but ultimately I now know that I am in control of my choices and in charge of where I end up.

In the future I might find new paths I haven’t explored before which will open doors to new adventures, new journeys and new possibilities for me.

Once you’ve achieved
something in the wilderness
you feel like you can
take on anyhting

Challenge in the wild

Taking challenging routes through inspiring landscapes.

Sometimes there’s a calmness, a stillness, a sense of tranquillity and yet other times there’s a wild unpredictability. The weather can change suddenly, there’s a rawness about it. I like it. That unpredictably makes me feel alive.

Respect in the wild

Spending my life working and travelling the world surviving in the wild, I’ve always felt a special connection with the outdoors. There’s something extremely humbling about being alone, one-on-one with nature.

That sense of wonder, respect and awe for the wild environment reminds me just how powerful and precious nature is and the need to protect it.

Forged in the wild

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