1 x Transporter 95 • 4 Adventurers • 10 x Countries • 40,659 km travelled to date • Currently in Guatemala

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Sophie Neary

Country of residence: UK
Adventure: Nepalese Altitude Treks
Dates: Oct-Dec 2017
The first of my treks was a 21 day tour of the entire Annapurna circuit, crossing the iconic Thorong La Pass (5416m) and began on October 14th 2017. I then flew to the Himalayas to take on a quieter and more challenging haute route 19 day Everest Base Camp trek (average altitude 4,300m). From the heart of the Sherpa homeland via less trodden trails of the Cho La Glacier, I reached the Kala Patthar at the foot of the highest mountain on earth (5,644m) on November 16th.

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Adventure Completed

  • 13th October 2017 – Sophie Neary (AKA @SophieLovesPink) departed the Isle of Wight to begin her #AdventureProof journey for #TeamTransporterRed
  • 17th October 2017 – Sophie arrives at Annapurna, Nepal
  • 20th October 2017 – Sophie reaches an altitude of 3200m
  • 26th October 2017 – Sophie sleeps at 4400m of altitude in thin air and stunning views. She is well on her way to summiting Throng Le pass at this point
  • 28th October 2017 – Sophie woke at 3am to ascend for five hours and breathlessly summit the mighty Throng La Pass. It sits with an altitude of 5,416m
  • 8th November 2017 – After a well-deserved rest and a cultural exploration of Kathmandu, Sophie began her next adventure. Sophie flew out to begin the epic trek to Everest Base Camp
  • 11th November 2017 – Sophie had climbed 16km up to the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar, alt: 3,400m. Here she caught the first view of Everest
  • 1st December 2017 – Sophie had reached 5,200m and Gorak Shep. It houses probably the highest helipad in the world
  • 6th December 2017 – Sophie reached Everest Base Camp at 5,364. On this epic journey she climbed 4 giant peaks and out of the 7 of the team who climbed, only 4 of the team completed them all on her journey


Felix von Aulock

Country of residence: UK
Adventure: Exploring active volcanos
Dates: Jan-Mar 2018

I am a volcanologist – so I study the science of volcanoes! I usually do that in a laboratory but this can’t replace visiting real volcanoes. In January I’ll be visiting active volcanoes in Mexico and Guatemala, and will be flying a drone over the volcano to measure changes during eruptions. It’s going to be hard work, hauling gear through the jungle and up the volcano, but it’s what I love about my job: visiting the most exciting landscapes on earth!

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Adventure Completed

  • 6th January 2018 – Felix Von Aulock (AKA @pheeph) took the Red transporter from Sophie and continued the #TeamTransporterRed adventure
  • 7th January 2018 – Felix leaves for Mexico to study active volcanos with drones and UV sensing tools. His project aimed to study the gaseous eruptions as they happen in the field. Felix began this work at Volcan de Colima
  • 16th January 2018 – Felix then moved on to Ceboruco Volcano. Here he studied lava domes alongside students from the Universidad de Colima
  • 19th January 2018 – Felix travelled to Quetzaltenango in Guatemala to collect data from the active dome of Santiaguito. Here he used UV cameras to look at the sulphur dioxide and ash content of the volcano plumes. The data collected will help Felix and his team to understand why they explode rather than just slowly produce lava flows and fumaroles
  • 22nd January 2018 – Was the last day in the field for Felix at Santiaguito. Drone fly overs revealed the viscous magma oozing out, accompanied by smaller and bigger explosions when the gases needed to escape


Emma Smith

Country of residence: UK
Adventure: Indonesian Wanderlust
Dates: Jun-Aug 2018

I’m currently a student and spend pretty much all my spare time travelling with money I’ve saved up. My main interests in travel are hiking, wildlife and finding awesome views which I’ll be incorporating into my trip next year. Experiencing new cultures also plays a big part in my search for adventure. Via Singapore, I’ll be exploring Indonesia by waterfalls, temples, volcano hiking and snorkelling.

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Begins June 2018

  • 5th June 2018 – Emma’s adventure begins mid-April Travelling via Singapore and Indonesia exploring waterfalls, temples, volcano hiking and snorkelling.

Emma Tryon

Country of residence: UK
Adventure: Not your typical family holiday
Dates: Sep-Oct 2018

6 Weeks, 5 Countries, 4 Cameras, 3 Mountains, 2 Crazy Parents and 1 Cute Baby!

Adventure doesn’t end with family, it begins! We’ll be leaving for Central Asia as a family of three and plan to explore Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Our goal is to redefine the term ‘Family Holiday’. You can expect to see us hiking through mountains, sampling the local foods and discovering new cultures on a road less travelled.

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Begins September 2018

  • 3rd September 2018 – Emma and her family kick off their exploration of Central Asia starting with Kyrgyzstan



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