Hiking Life Hacks to Improve Your Next Trip

We’ve compiled a list of 7 useful hiking life hacks for your next hiking trip. From taking care of your feet to space-saving tips for your pack, there’s sure to be something here that will help you while out on the trail.

Winter City Break: Carry-on Only

Winter travel offers an alternative, and often magical perspective on tourist destinations around the world. Europe itself has a wealth of winter destinations perfect for short getaways, cosy retreats and vibrant festivities but, for the carry-on only break, we’ll need to get creative with what and how we are packing.

A Guide to Hiking in Bad Weather

The most important advice for hiking, especially in bad weather, is preparation. From researching the route to packing the correct gear, your preparation will determine whether your trip is enjoyable and successful.

Organise & Protect your Gear

Osprey packs are designed to be durable, long lasting and faithful companions for both outdoor adventures and everyday use. They’ll work hard to carry and take care of all the gear you need to carry. With all this heavy lifting, how can you boost your pack’s internal and external protection and organisation?

Wheeled Travel Pack Selector

Wheeled luggage provides comfort and ease of use for long journeys, whether at the airport terminal or on the road. Our wheeled luggage series features a range of travel solutions, such as the stowable backpack harness, removable daypacks and well thought out security and durability. Our wheeled travel guide aims to make your luggage choice easy and personalised to your needs.

Your Backpacking Checklist

We’ve pulled together the ultimate backpacking checklist for multi-day backpacking, hiking and trekking trips.

EU Carry-On Guide

Planning a weekend getaway with hand luggage only? Be sure to check out our pack and airline sizing guide below.

Top 5 Travel Destinations

Itching to flee the country? Desperate to absorb some cultural delights? Well, we asked our athletes, ambassadors and Osprey team members for their top travel recommendations.

5 Stunning British Hiking Routes

Towering cliffs, rolling hills, craggy mountain faces and the occasional archaeological marvel. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of our favourite hikes around the United Kingdom to keep you busy.