Easter entertainment for the whole family


Keeping the family entertained at the moment is no easy feat, so together with wildlife charity Birds of Poole Harbour and former MTBC World Champion, mother of one Tracy Moseley, we’ve put together our top tips for your cooped-up adventurers this Easter weekend.


Why not try a spot of Gamping? Staying at home doesn’t have to be without adventure so grab your camping kit and set up your own garden campsite or living room den. With the evenings getting lighter and warmer, it’s the perfect excuse to take a break from screens and devices.

There’s plenty of time to plan your next trip from isolation and this is a great way to get the whole family involved in where you’ll go post lockdown. It’s important to remember these places will still be there once this is over. Get the whole family excited by making a location list and plan exactly what you’ll need to make it happen, like maps, guides, supplies and what activities you’ll do once you get there.

Hiding colourful Easter eggs in the house or garden is a sure fire way to keep the kids entertained, especially if the eggs are made of chocolate! Equipped with an Osprey kids pack children can search for eggs and securely stash their haul in the bag.


Tracy Moseley

Former MTB world champion and mother of one Tracy Moseley has been putting her Poco child carrier through its paces on her daily walks of the local area. Featuring a sunshade, raincover and fully adjustable back system, it’s the perfect way to get little explorers out in the fresh air once a day. Find out more here.

“Getting outside once a day just in my local area has been such a huge part of keeping sane and active; also important in keeping a 2yr old entertained! Toby now loves to ride his wobble bike and walk a little, but having the Poco with us too enables us to go a bit further or stay out for longer as he can get a lift for a bit in the backpack or even have a sleep if it’s nap time!”

“Typically my pack includes lunch or snacks dependant on how long we are out, Peter Rabbit, (the must have comforter / teddy) change of clothes for Toby, wet weather gear for him and me, drinks for us, a few toys and the all essential nappy change bag!”

“The Poco is a great way to get kids involved in the nature spotting. Toby has loved the Poco right from the start; I think he gets a great view at all times and knows he always goes on an adventure and sees new stuff. One of his first words was “backpack!”.


Birds of Poole Harbour

One of Osprey Europe’s partner charities Birds of Poole Harbour began a 5-year Osprey reintroduction scheme back in 2017 with the aim of re-establishing a south coast breeding population of Osprey after they were made extinct due to human persecution 180 years ago.

Check out the Birds of Poole Harbour webcams, which were set up on nest platforms last spring and have already got some incredible photos of a migrating pair returning from West Africa. Ospreys that breed in the UK return in mid-March to mid-April from their wintering grounds like Gambia or Senegal, so now is the perfect time to watch them return.

Request a Learn at Home pack or download the activity PDF from Birds of Poole Harbour and join in learning about and celebrating Ospreys. Activities include wordsearches, colouring in and fun facts to get you fully clued up on these incredible birds of prey.

Get clued up on the official account of all species of bird recorded or reported by bird watchers and naturalists since records began and see how many you can spot in your garden and local area


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