SecondLife is our home for pre-loved and ex-sample backpacks that have been refurbished and made available for purchase at a discounted price. Our goal? Minimise the waste that Osprey produces.

Refurbished and ex-sample backpacks are an inevitable outcome of striving to create the best backpacks for use in outdoor environments. Waste should not be unavoidable.

The Osprey Guarantee team lovingly repairs and prepares hundreds of backpacks back to a fully functional state. We list these backpacks for sale at a fraction of the price on SecondLife to extend their lifespan and put them into the hands of passionate outdoor adventurers.

In 2018 alone, SecondLife extended the life of over 2000 packs. Packs that are now being used to experience outdoor environments rather than damage them.

Signing up to SecondLife is simple.

  1. Head over to the SecondLife page
  2. Create an account
  3. Browse our list of available ex-sample and refurbished packs

Pick your pack and pay!

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