Osprey Partners with Birds of Poole Harbour


Osprey Europe is delighted to announce its partnership with the UK based conservation group Birds of Poole Harbour. Osprey and BoPH have a common goal to raise awareness about environmental initiatives and directly support conservation efforts.

Osprey Packs founder Mike Pfotenhauer began his journey in 1974, designing innovative backpacks in Santa Cruz, California. At the time in California, Ospreys were becoming endangered. He watched as the bird population numbers bounced back and reasoned that if this bird could survive, then so could his small backpack company. 45 years later and Osprey Packs has grown into an international provider of outdoor, travel and adventure backpacks but has never forgotten the inspiration for its name.

Birds of Poole Harbour are dedicated to raising awareness of environmental initiatives for birds in the area and playing a significant role in conservation efforts. In 2017 BoPH began a 5 year Osprey translocation project which looks to reintroduce the raptor into key local breeding locations, helping to boost declining numbers and act as a stepping stone between Britain and Northern France.

Forming partnerships with local businesses that share a common vision of thorough and engaging environmental awareness is one of our key objectives as a charity.

The new partnership we’ve begun with Osprey Europe is a new and exciting prospect, especially as we recently began our 5-year Osprey translocation here in Poole Harbour which seeks to restore a south coast breeding population of this magnificent bird of prey. We’re thrilled to be linking up with such a highly respected brand and look forward to seeing how our ‘Osprey partnership’ can engage and inspire a whole new audience with this unfolding raptor story.

Birds of Poole Harbour

A male Osprey from the Poole Harbour reintroduction program has returned to the UK for the first time since being raised and released in south Dorset back in 2017. This is the first Osprey to return to Poole Harbour from the project, which aims to re-establish a south coast breeding population of this majestic bird of prey. The charity leading on the project, Birds of Poole Harbour were alerted to the birds presence when they received a photo on June 12th from one of their static SMS camera traps which was deployed out in the south of the harbour, indicating that a new blue-ringed Osprey was about.

Birds of Poole Harbour co-founder Paul Morton stated:

This is such exciting news, we can’t believe we’ve actually got one of our chicks back. This is the big next step in seeing Osprey colonise the south coast once more after an absence of around 180 years. When they left the harbour on migration back in 2017, their fate is completely out of our hands, so to know this bird is safe and well having not seen him for two years is just the best feeling.

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