Aldo Kane Joins Osprey Europe


Aldo Kane
Osprey Ambassador

Extreme TV adventurer Aldo Kane is a former Royal Marines Commando and an expert in traversing challenging outdoor environments. Aldo has operated and filmed in over 100 countries, has been held at gunpoint, charged by a black Rhino, abseiled into active volcanoes and rowed across the Atlantic.


Career Highlights

  • Alongside four friends including Osprey Ambassador, Jason Fox, entered the record books after becoming the fastest crew to row the longest route across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Challenged Ed Stafford to First Man Out in 2016; racing across the tangled wilds of Borneo’s mangrove swamps
  • Abseiled into the world’s deadliest volcano, the mighty Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2019, for two-part BBC documentary called Expedition Volcano
  • Joined forces with Steve Backshall to venture into uncharted territory to explore the unknown
  • Exposes the shocking secrets of the illegal tiger trade in South East Asia and those who profit in a one-hour documentary on BB2, Tigers: Hunting The Traffickers

Aldo’s Pack

Talon 22

Indifference is the enemy so scare yourself. Throw fuel on the fire of momentum, building adventures to propel you further. Go after it.
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