4x Teams • 4 x Transporter 95s • 35+ Countries • 12 x Adventurers • 143,863km travelled to date • Kilimanjaro • Annapurna Circuit • Karakum Desert • Patagonia • India • New Zealand • Indonesian Waterfalls

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The ‘Around the World in 95 Litres’ adventure is well underway! From hundreds of exciting pitches submitted by the Osprey community, 9 individuals have been selected to be part of the AdventureProof journey. Over the next 12 months they will undertake epic adventures alongside three of our top athletes Jerome Clementz, Mike Horn and Gabriella Edebo. The adventurers have been split into 4 teams, each equipped with a Transporter 95 duffel for their respective journeys.



Nepal, Guatemala, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbeckstan and Turkmenistan

Journey Details:

  • Oct-Dec 2017: Sophie Neary
  • Jan-Feb 2018: Felix von Aulock
  • Jun 2018: Emma Smith
  • Jul-Aug 2018: Emma Tryon



Peru, Kilimanjaro, Nepal, Brazil, Ireland, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Argentina, Chile, Cape Horn, Milan and Beijing

Journey Details:

  • Oct-Dec 2017: Clare Connelly
  • Jan-Feb 2018: Michael Zimmermann
  • Jun 2018: Timothée Furet
  • Aug 2018: Giovanni Franco



Nepal, Chile, Robinson Crusoe island, The Arctic and Norway

Journey Details:

  • Oct-Dec 2017: Jérôme Clementz
  • Jan-Mar 2018: Mike Horn
  • Apr-Jun 2018: Gabriella Edebo



Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK, North America, Central America and South America

Journey Details:

  • Oct 2017-Sep 2018: Josie Haugh


AdventureProof. Transporter duffel bags are the perfect marriage of durability and lightweight versatility. Built to be tough yet comfortable to carry and boasting a range of adventure-ready features.


  • Keystone Grey

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