Outdoor clothing and equipment utilise chemical treatments to ensure waterproofing, durability and longevity. Our pledge is to begin the move towards green chemistry across our entire pack range.

DWR coating, Durable Water Repellent, acts as a barrier against rainfall, allowing for beading of water droplets rather than absorption into fabric. This particular type of chemistry, although effective for technical outdoor usage, is not sustainable. Long-chain chemicals can run off clothing and equipment into the environments they operate in. This is why we’ve pledged to move towards short-chain DWR chemistry, beginning with Archeon and Arcane.

PFC-free coating

Moving to a PFC-free Durable Water Repellent coating has it’s challenges. It’s not as long-lasting as a fluorocarbon based coating, and doesn’t have the same level of repellency against dirt and oils. However, the environmental impact of fluorocarbons in the environment is well documented. As a responsible brand, we have to move away from these chemicals and towards a more sustainable alternative. In Spring 2020 we’re providing products with innovative PFC-free DWR’s, beginning with the Archeon and Arcane series. This new chemistry balances both technical performance and sustainability to meet Osprey´s high standards.


Recycling plastic is far better for the environment than producing new virgin plastics, which are used to create polyester and nylon fabrics. Recycling consumes fewer natural resources and helps to solve the problems caused by landfill, ocean plastics and litter. Osprey’s new range of Arcane packs, along with the Jet and Ace youth packs, are produced from polyester yarn, sourced from recycled PET bottles. This gives your pack a sustainable background, helps clear up plastic bottles that may otherwise have ended up in landfill (or somewhere even worse) and prevents the consumption of valuable natural resources.