A Sustainable High


A Sustainable High

New Arcane Hemp

Limited Edition

Hemp is a sustainable and versatile natural material. From being used for building materials to sailing ropes and more, hemp is also the most environmentally friendly and sustainable natural fabric.

Osprey Arcane Hemp packs are made with a 100% sustainable hemp and recycled polyester blend. The Arcane Hemp Roll and Large Day packs are beautifully crafted everyday packs designed to withstand the demands of daily use.

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Why Hemp?

Natural Fibre
Natural, strong, tactile and highly water-resistant
Low Impact
High yield crop which uses 50% less water than cotton
Good for the environment
Hemp absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen
Reduces Landfill
Osprey combines hemp with a recycled polyester blend made from post-consumer waste

To find out exactly what makes hemp such a fantastic material we visited Margent Farm, a licenced organic hemp farm located in Cambridgeshire, UK. In our latest Osprey podcast we speak to the Farm owner, Steve Barron.

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