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These are frustrating times for passionate outdoor folks. Lockdown and social distancing can have us climbing the walls (literally by the looks of some of the images you’ve been sending us!). So to give some of you cooped up adventurers something to distract you, we thought we’d give you some tips from some of our brand partners on planning and executing the perfect trip once this has all blown over.


“Osprey was born in California, 1974 at the seat of a single sewing machine, with a head full of ideas and a desire to design and build innovative backpacks to the highest quality. Today, our packs continue that pioneering spirit, being used on the highest mountains to the remotest islands and everywhere in between.”

Osprey’s top tips for planning the perfect adventure:

1. Gather supplies. Let’s face it, we all have a little time on our hands right now. Our first suggestion is that you gather all your kit, maps, guides and ideas into one location – let’s say the lounge floor. Settle down and give yourself a few hours to achieve a reasonable goal. Your first goal could be as simple as – “where will I go?”

2. Make a location list. If you’re like us then you will have a list as long as your arm of all the trails you want to hike (and that was before lockdown!). It’s important to remember that these places will still be there once this is over. Take a look at your list, consider the reality of executing this trip in the future and then either select it or move on. We’re not aiming for pipe dreams here, we’re aiming for perfectly planned reality.

3. Build that kit list. Once you’ve selected your location there is nothing more satisfying than writing a list of the kit and supplies you plan to take with you. What food will you need? Which pack will best suit the activity? Run through all of these questions and get your list written.



“Operational experiences define our products’ function so that capability is not compromised. Each garment has been through rigorous testing and multiple stages of development before we are prepared to launch our latest products.

We push ourselves and our products to the limits to ensure that each and every product meets end user demands. Failure is unacceptable and we will always ensure that we are constantly improving.

We ruthlessly test and critique all of our products ourselves making no compromise on performance. That’ll do… will never do.”

How do ThruDark execute the perfect expedition?

1. “Challenge yourself. When ThruDark plan an expedition we first start by asking ourselves, what areas in the world have both epic scenes but are also extremely testing to operate in. We want to challenge ourselves and our team both mentally and physically. By bringing a challenge into the mix we find ourselves learning, growing and creating the best products and content. It combines the professional and personal experience.

2. Next we research. Research is at the heart of a well-executed expedition. We gather as much detailed information about the location to maximise our time there. From seasonal weather conditions to adverse terrain – we need to know it all. Time spent on recce is seldom wasted.

3. Finally is kit check. We ensure that our kit, from clothing to food, meets the needs of the environment we’re operating in. The research we have just spent hours, and often days, working on needs to be translated into physical preparation.”


Credit to ThruDark and Matt Hardy

Olight Torches

“We believe no one should be left in the dark; period. We believe in providing quality illumination products for everyone. We care about every little detail from brightness to runtime, from ergonomics to size and weight; and, more importantly, about how we can improve your lives with light.

We want to push our products to the limit so that we can give you the best lights in the smallest package possible for the best price, so that you have the right tools to conquer the night.”

Olight’s top tips for making the most out of planning:

1. “Plan ahead but be agile! Carefully selecting your routes and your kit is vital but it’s important to not over plan. Use your planning time to set out the framework for you expedition and leave space to explore and have adventures.

2. Surround yourself with passionate people. Planning a trip can seem daunting, especially with a map in front of you, by yourself in your living room. Load up Zoom, break out the WhatsApp groups and share the planning.

3. Don’t get left in the dark! Quality illumination technology is essential for all types of expeditions and activities. Illumination can keep you safe on the trail, help build and break camp and allow you to operate in adverse conditions.”


OS Maps

“Every piece of data tells a story.

Our data is more than a map. It keeps us all safe, helps businesses be more productive and gives people the freedom to step outside and explore. The emergency services depend on it to get exactly where they’re needed. And when disaster strikes we work with our partners to minimise damage and save lives.

Our data is used to plan smart cities, brings gaming worlds to life, helps lenders and insurers assess risk and prevent fraud, and supports over £100 billion of our nation’s economy.

Not forgetting that our paper maps and OS Maps app can help you to GetOutside around Great Britain.”

OS Maps‘ top tips for perfecting that next adventure:

1. “Know your route. A successful, and more importantly safe expedition or trip, requires a strong knowledge of the route you are taking. Evaluate how hard the terrain will be, what landmarks can guide you and how long your day’s hiking will be before breaking camp.

2. Go new and old-school! We look to innovate and develop new technology in our mapping processing. From aerial survey to hand held devices – we look to the future to provide the best means for navigation. That being said, a paper map never runs out of battery and has the excellent ability to be pinned on to a wall for a good old fashioned trip planning session.

3. Your trip is about the experience, not the destination. Our maps mark all sorts of landmarks. From areas of natural beauty to historical sites. There is so much to see throughout your journey that it’s important to plan to enjoy these on your route.”


Credit to ThruDark and Matt Hardy

To help you prepare yourself even more for your next adventure we are giving you the chance to win a massive package of hiking gear!

You could win packs from our sustainable hiking series Archeon plus pack accessories, ThruDark SF Skirmish Jacket and accessories, a Perun Torch from Olight Torches and a digital subscription to OS Maps as well as some paper maps.

So take a read of our guide above, enter our competition and plan your next big adventure.

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